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Your business could strike gold if it needs to arrange parcel delivery to North Attleborough by putting Parcel2Go on the job.
Settlers from Birmingham, England brought with them their button-making machinery when they settled in North Attleborough in the late 18th century. It proved to be the foundation of an industry for which the town is still nationally known today.
Textiles and jewellery making were soon to join the mix of industrial activity, and by 1834 North Attleborough was said to be America’s biggest button-making town.
As the jewellery industry flourished through the 19th and into the 20th century, the town’s manufacturers earned such prestigious assignments as making the championship rings for both the NFL Super Bowl and NBA World Series champions – a distinction which the town still holds today.
These strong sporting links have spurred the North Attleborough community into providing excellent facilities of its own. The town was named one of the top 10 professional sports communities in America in 2006, and at the same time was also listed one of the country’s safest and most affordable places to raise a family.
North Attleborough sits close to several nationally-important road routes, notably the I-95 which runs more than 1,900 miles from Portland, Maine in the east to Miami, Florida at its western end, and I-295 which runs north-south from Delaware to Trenton. The town is a little more than 40 miles from Boston’s Logan International Airport.
Having the backing of an efficient and reliable worldwide courier service is vital to a business’s success on the international stage.
That’s where Parcel2Go comes in.
We bring together the huge resources of the world’s best-known courier and express delivery companies – including FedEx, UPS and TNT – and make them work for you.
We offer a range of parcel delivery and express courier to North Attleborough options to match your business’s needs. We can put the massive resources of our major courier company partners at your disposal so that your business can compete at the highest level, and give you the reassurance that your parcel deliveries are expertly handled, and delivered when you want them to be.
Our Live Help team of experienced logistics experts can answer any question you have about arranging parcel delivery to North Attleborough, and are here to guide you through the process, from collection from your home or business at a time to suit you, to arrival at its destination – complete with a confirmation signature sent directly to your email inbox, if required.

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