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To us, the history of America doesn't seem to go back all that far but Newark, New Jersey, can trace its foundation back to an extremely respectable 1666. It was then that Connecticut Puritans put down roots which would see the settlement incorporated as a town in 1693 and given the Royal Charter in 1713. Just under 300,000 people live in this, New Jersey's largest city, which must have something special in the water: Connie Francis, Frankie Valli, Paul Simon, Whitney Houston, Gloria Gaynor and Wyclef Jean of the Fugees were all born here.
Sending parcels to Newark isn't something to lose sleep over as long as you choose a respectable, reliable company to take care of it. A company like Parcel2Go - the UK's largest online parcel organisation by far. And the first piece of advice we'd give you is the same one we give everybody: use a courier. That's right: a courier. Don't go sending your parcel to Newark with the good ol' US Post Office - not while there's a speedier, more reliable, more global enterprise waiting to do it for you.
We're talking about people like FedEx or TNT - and it's them, and others like them, that we've spent years building up special relationships with.
As a result, we can sweep you past all the time-consuming, brain-befuddling detail of sending a courier to Newark and take you straight to some very clear, very simple choices so you can make a decision in seconds - and feel sure it's the right one. And when you see the price, you'll see another advantage of our links with the big boys: they're very happy to negotiate and we're very happy to do that on your behalf. All the savings get passed on to you - so your parcel delivery to Newark costs a lot less than you might think.
All we ask from you is that wrap like a grown-up and address like someone who knows they're about to send a parcel to Newark - which is a very far away across the sea.
Why make a parcel delivery to Newark with Parcel2Go?
• We're bigger - and better
• We're excellent value
• We're simplicity itself to use
• We're always here, 24/7

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