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It sounds just like a lengthy stretch of sand, but Long Beach is a city in its own right with nearly half-a-million people enjoying the sunny California lifestyle. Home to one of the world's largest shipping ports, it's also big on oil, aeroplanes, car parts, electronics and all manner of high-tech manufacturing. Plenty of places for important parcels to Long Beach to get delivered to.
But no matter where they end up, the best starting point for a parcel to Long Beach is Parcel2Go. You could, of course, use the good old US postal service. But should you? Quite frankly, no. Too many links in the chain, too many things that might go wrong. We're a much better bet because we're the UK's biggest online parcel company - and we make sure we deliver every time.
In our experience, a courier to Long Beach is by far your best option. And since we have extensive links with the biggest and best names in the business - TNT and FedEx - we've made arranging courier delivery very, very simple.
And it's very, very good value. Our discounted rates are something we're very proud of, and you'd be surprised how much we can save you. When we say that our quotes often beat the courier companies' own best prices, you get some idea of what we're talking about.
What's more, you get our best cost automatically. No clicking from website to website for you, entering the same details again and again to get quotes and make a comparison. Go with the flow with Parcel2Go and you get great-value parcel delivery to Long Beach: guaranteed.
That's assuming you give the courier companies a fair crack of the whip in getting your parcel ready. Secure wrapping is a must as is, for anything in the least bit fragile, as much padding and packing as you think fit. Address in very large, very clear letters and, since this is the good ol' US of A, make sure you make the zipcode a major part of your label.
Got all that? Then you're ready to send a parcel to Long Beach whenever you like.
Why choose Parcel2Go for a parcel delivery to Long Beach?
We're a very big company, and our service standards are very high
We've squeezed are prices down until they squeak
We've done everything in our power to make life as easy for you as we can
We're ready and waiting on the internet all day and all night

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