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Don’t trust things to chance when you need to make an express delivery to Hopewell, Virginia – put Parcel2Go in charge and we’ll deliver on your promises.
The city of Hopewell has risen from the ashes following a disastrous fire in 1915 to become renowned for its attractiveness, as well as being a base of operations for a number of the United States’ biggest industrial conglomerates, including Honeywell, Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation and Hercules Chemical.
These assets, along with its strategic position at the confluence of the James and Appomatox rivers, have made it a popular area in the east coast state of Virginia, with a population of more than 22,000.
It is a model of how modern industries can co-exist in a pleasant, healthy environment, and has been honoured with a state governor’s clean city award, denoting its residents’ pride in their surroundings.
Redevelopment of recent years has concentrated on the waterfront and downtown areas, along with the historically significant former City Point district, a strategic base of forces commanded by General Ulysses S Grant during the American Civil War, and now considered a major visitors’ attraction.
Hopewell is served by all the major express delivery companies, so if you or your business needs to send a parcel to Hopewell, you can harness all their resources, and get excellent parcel prices by coming to Parcel2Go.
That’s because we have established excellent partnerships with the likes of UPS, FedEx and TNT, and we can pass on to you the benefits of these relationships in the shape of parcel prices which offer great value and are cheaper than you could get by going direct to one of these courier companies.
Our services are designed to meet all individual and business needs and budgets, and to offer the reliability which you expect, helping your business enhance its reputation by consistently delivering on its promises.
If you need guidance to get the best from our services, we have experienced and knowledgeable Live Help team members on hand to take you through the process of booking your express delivery.
Collection of your consignment can be arranged at a time during the working day which suits you. And once your parcel is on its way, online parcel tracking lets you follow it, so that you can enhance your service to your customers by keeping them informed of their parcel delivery’s progress.
If you request it, we will even arrange for a copy of a signature obtained to confirm the safe arrival of your parcel to be emailed to you, giving you complete peace of mind.
So when your parcel delivery deserves first class treatment, send it through Parcel2Go.

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