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Hawaii has only been an official part of the United States of America since 1959 and its capital, Honolulu, is its most populous city. The name Honolulu means 'sheltered bay' or 'place of shelter' and the welcoming climate and warm, inviting waters make it extremely popular with tourists. Many believe that Englishman William Brown captained the first foreign ship to sail into the harbour back in 1759 - a claim to a place in history somewhat eclipsed by the fact that famous sons of Hawaii include a certain Barack Obama.
Parcels to Honolulu are easy and economical to arrange, as long as you elect to do it through Parcel2Go. We've grown from humble beginnings to become the UK's biggest online parcel delivery service - biggest by far, in fact - and we believe we've got everything you're looking for. And our first act, as part of our excellent customer service, is to urge you not to even consider sending a parcel to Honolulu by plain ordinary post - that way potential disaster lies. A courier to Honolulu, on the other hand, gets our vote each and every time: safer, faster, more reliable all round.
You might be forgiven for thinking that this will mean that your parcel delivery to Honolulu will cost the earth: in which case, let us put your mind at rest before another minute passes. Our prices - our low, low prices - are the result of a lot of hard discounting discussions with some of the biggest names in the courier world, including TNT and FedEx. You can, in fact, send a parcel to Honolulu for a lot less than you might think.
And our partnerships with the major players also means that we've saved you the time and trouble of wading through company after company trying to translate the jargon and get to the plain facts - the plain facts are exactly what we give you, to make things as easy as possible.
You can also make life easier for yourself with two simple - but vital - tips. One: wrap it well, whatever it is. Your parcel has a lot of miles to cover. And two: write the address in your best writing with your biggest pen. Better safe than sorry every time.
Why send parcels to Honolulu with Parcel2Go?
• We got to be big because we know what we're doing
• We can give good value because we're big
• Our value increases because we save you time too
• And whatever time you want to sort your parcels, out - we'll be here

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