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There may be precious few real-life buffalo left on the plains of America, but there's still Buffalo, New York to keep the name alive. What began in 1798 as a small trading community near Buffalo Creek became the eighth largest city in the country by 1900 and, later, it was a major railroad hub, the largest grain-milling centre in the USA, home of the world's largest steel-making concern and claimant to the title of first city in the world to have electric street lighting. Today, the heavy industries have all gone and Buffalo is gaining ground as a home for bioinformatics and human genome research.
Parcel2Go can organise your parcels to Buffalo in no time at all. And that's because we've learnt, over the years it's taken us to become the UK's largest online parcel company, that you just can't beat a reliable courier for overseas deliveries. We might trust a birthday card to the ordinary US mail but, for a belt and braces approach which brings together all the elements of a fast, reliable, fully accountable service, we prefer a parcel to Buffalo to go with TNT, FedEx or the any of the other first-class companies we've developed relationships with./span>
Doesn't dealing with these names make organising a courier to Buffalo difficult? Not at all - quite the contrary in fact. Because we know these courier companies so well, we've taken all their different rules and regulations and tariffs and pared them all down to the simple, crystal-clear choices you'll find here on our website. And we've pared the costs right down into the bargain: you can pay less for a parcel delivery to Buffalo through us than you would if you went direct. And we can't say fairer than that.
What's the catch? There simply isn't one. But there is something we're going to have to ask you to do.
We need you to wrap your package properly. And address it nice and big. There. That wasn't so bad, was it?
Why send a parcel to Buffalo with Parcel2Go?
• As the UK's biggest online parcel delivery service, we've got the experience and expertise that matter
• We've negotiated some excellent discounts for you - and that makes sound economic sense
• There's nothing complicated about using Parcel2Go - we've made the whole thing as simple as we possibly can
• We don't believe in opening times, closing times and awkward office hours - we're here on the web 24 hours a day

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