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It’s easy to earn your business a solid reputation when it is involved in helping regenerate of America’s biggest and longest-established steel-making towns if you use the reliable and prompt courier services available from Parcel2Go.
Braddock was involved in steel making from 1873, and was one of the first towns in America to get a public library, thanks to the generosity of Andrew Carnegie who went on to fund a further 1,600-plus all over America.
The mill workers also gained state-of-the-art recreation facilities, including a swimming pool and music hall seating nearly 1,000 people.
The town suffered from the collapse of steel-making across America in the 1970s and 1980s, and its population declined, but in recent years the local area has seen major efforts made to attract more new businesses, and many of those heavy industrial jobs have been replaced by new arrivals working in the artistic and creative sectors.
If you run a business which has links with one of Braddock’s new generation of entrepreneurs, then a dependable parcel delivery service can give you the support you need to grow those connections.
Parcel2Go brings together the resources of the world’s leading courier companies, including FedEx, UPS and TNT, and offers you a range of express delivery options to Braddock and locations around the world, to suit both your schedule and your budget.
We can arrange collection from your home or business address at a time during the working day to suit you, and let you follow the progress of your delivery through our parcel tracking service. This means you can enhance your customer service by keeping your parcel’s recipient informed of its progress and expected arrival time, so that no one wastes any unnecessary time waiting for it to be safely delivered.
Arranging an express parcel delivery to Braddock using Parcel2Go takes next to no time, and we have an experienced and friendly Live Help team on hand to answer any questions you might have about your consignment, or the process of sending a parcel to Braddock.
Your parcel will be in safe hands throughout its journey because our business’s reputation is built on delivering your promises. You can trust Parcel2Go to have the know-how and the resources to be able to handle home and express delivery tasks of all sizes.
Companies which can respond to the needs of their customers, and get their goods to them when they are needed are vital for the regeneration of communities such as Braddock. So make sure your business can play its part by entrusted the job to Parcel2Go!

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