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When Avon is calling, you can rely on Parcel2Go to answer that call and deliver on time
When you need quick results on a parcel delivery to Avon, Parcel2Go will overcome any obstacle to make it happen.
Avon, Connecticut is a fast-growing suburb of the state capital of Hartford, which lies just 10 miles away. It occupies a 23.5 square mile area, and is one of the most staunchly independent parts of the state. It was founded when the Puritans acquired land from the Duke of York in the 19th century. Their settlement, Farmington, was later split in two, and Avon was founded as a response to a need for better access to a local church for many of Farmington’s growing population.
The town’s population has doubled since 1970, and now stands at more than 17,500. White collar jobs, such as finance, insurance, education, and other professional, scientific and technical services dominate the local employment market.
As its people have grown in prosperity, so Avon has developed a commercial centre to meet their needs, and the town is also home to many small and medium-sized businesses which, in the current economic climate, share the worldwide ambition to get the best value for their goods and services.
If that gives your business potential for needing an Avon courier service, you will want to pick a courier company which can cope with your demands, and give your company excellent support at all times.
This is where Parcel2Go can help. We offer a worldwide parcel delivery service which successfully transports thousands of parcels every day, with the help of leading courier companies such as TNT, FedEx and UPS.
If you need to send a parcel to Avon, we can put these companies’ massive resources at your disposal, by arranging for one of their couriers to collect a parcel from your home or business premises at a convenient time during the working day.
Our parcel tracking service lets you follow the progress of your express delivery online, and we can even arrange for an instant email confirming its safe arrival at its destination to be sent to you if required.
We have negotiated excellent parcel prices with our major suppliers which are often more favourable than you could get by dealing directly with these massive organisations.
So if getting a parcel to Avon, or any other destination in the UK or worldwide will help your business look the part, we can make it happen.

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