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In all America, there's no more patriotic place than Anaheim California - which might be slightly surprising when you hear that the city was founded by fifty German families back in 1857. The clue's in the name: 'ana' comes from the nearby Santa Ana river, but 'heim' is German for 'home'. A hundred or so years following the city's foundation, Walt turned up and built the Disneyland Resort - which is probably why most people in the UK have heard of the place at all. In January 2009, the population numbered 348,467 precisely - and although we've never met them all, we here at Parvel2Go can guarantee to get parcels to Anaheim into exactly the right hands every single time.
That's because we have no truck with the Postal Service of the good old US of A. No offence, but we'd rather take the tried and tested route which has turned us into the UK's biggest online parcel company: in our book, a parcel to Anaheim should go courtesy of a courier to Anaheim - every time, all of the time. Safety is one reason. Security's another. Reliability's a third. And price? Well, we'll come on to talk about price right now.
You should know that we have good relationships with FedEx, TNT and other major courier companies, and that has a significant impact on you. Because it's entirely down to those relationships that we've managed to negotiate the costs down as low as we can get them for a parcel delivery to Anaheim - and we pass the benefit on in your direction. We also keep the juggling of different information from these companies behind the scenes so what you see on our website is all you need to see: really clear and simple choices, to it's easy to make your mind up.
All that's left for you to know before we send a parcel to Anaheim on your behalf is that really good wrapping, and really clear addressing, are both really good ideas.
Why send a courier to Anaheim with Parcel2Go?
• We're as big enough company to make a big difference
• We have the buying muscle to bring you low prices
• We work hard to make your choices really clear and simple
• We never close - that's the beauty of the web

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