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FedEx Express Courier FAQs

Born in America, you may know FedEx for their international delivery services. But Parcel2Go are happy to bring you FedEx delivery within the UK from just £3.65 exc VAT. And that’s on top of our full range of international shipping options with FedEx Express!

Not sure if FedEx is for you? We’ve pulled together some of your frequently asking questions to help you decide:


What delivery services does FedEx Express offer?

FedEx offers both UK and international delivery. At Parcel2Go, you’ll get free FedEx tracking every time you send a parcel, no matter where you’re shipping to!

Find your closest FedEx drop off point or book a collection today. If you choose drop off delivery, you can now print your labels at home or in store with FedEx. For collection services, you can expect a FedEx courier to pick up your parcel between 9am and 5.30pm tomorrow.

If you’re sending within the UK, choose next day delivery with FedEx from just £4.85.

And with our international services, use either FedEx drop off or collection, depending on your needs. Choose to ship with economy or express delivery services and your FedEx delivery will arrive in just 2-5 working days - even if you’re shipping to another continent.


Does FedEx UK deliver on Sundays and Bank Holidays?

As with almost all parcel delivery in the UK, FedEx doesn't deliver on Bank Holidays or Sundays. But if your local FedEx drop off point is open on Sundays and Bank Holidays, you can still drop your parcel off so it can be collected the next working day. This gives your parcel the best chance of arriving at its destination sooner.

FedEx does deliver on Saturdays as this is a working day within the UK. This might differ in different countries, but as with all Parcel2Go delivery services, you can track your parcel for free.


What time does FedEx deliver?

Delivery times will vary depending on the courier’s parcel volume, where the recipient lives, and when your FedEx delivery was sent! Use FedEx tracking to see exactly where your parcel is and what time you can expect it to arrive.

We will email you updates about your booking if something changes.


Where can I drop off a FedEx package?

Find your nearest FedEx drop off point by typing your town or postcode into our drop shop finder or when you get a quote. You’ll be shown a list of your nearest drop off points, which will usually be in convenience stores. And remember, you can now print your labels in store or at home - just choose a service with a 'NO PRINTER NEEDED' flag if you're printing your label in store.

If you didn’t find the answer you needed here, remember you can contact our customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our team is always happy to help!

Before taking your parcel to a drop shop, make sure it is adequately packaged, to avoid the possibility of the drop shop refusing your package.

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