Find Your Nearest Collect Plus Store

If you've recently booked with Collect Plus, you might be asking yourself 'Where's my nearest Collect Plus Store?' Thankfully, we've made finding convenient Collect Plus locations really straightforward.

Just active your location services, or enter your postcode in our Collect Plus Store Finder below, and we'll show you the nearest five Collect Plus stores on the map.

Then, all you need to do is take your parcel down to the shop you've selected, hand it over to the clerk, and wait for it to be delivered by your courier. Easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a parcel reference number to find Collect Plus stores near me?

No, you don’t need a parcel reference number. All we need is a location, whether that’s where you are currently using location services, or by entering a postcode.

Can I use the Store Finder to find drop shops for other couriers?

We have a separate tool that allows you to find almost any parcel drop-off with all the couriers that we work with. Click here to find UPS Access Points, DPD Pickup Points, and more, as well as all Collect Plus locations.

Can I book a Collect Plus service at

Yes you can, and at a very competitive price, too. Just visit our Collect Plus page to find out what Collect Plus services we offer and how much you could save.