Does Yodel Direct Deliver to Every Postcode in the UK?

The answer is yes, Yodel Direct’s couriers deliver to every postcode in mainland UK with full tracking attached to every order. And with a small price of just £2.19 exc VAT, they could be the best courier service for you.

Yodel Direct has a service to solve every parcel delivery problem. Whether you’re sending a one-off parcel that you need to drop off immediately or you are sending multiple parcels for your Notonthehighstreet shop, Yodel Direct has got it all. 

At this point, you might be wondering why you should use Yodel Direct? Let’s dive in.

Convenient for You 

With over 10,000 drop off points across the UK, Yodel Direct understands the need for convenience. Yodel’s drop shops are open seven days a week from early till late, meaning you can drop off your parcel when it suits you.

So, whether you’re working late during the week or have a jam-packed weekend ahead, Yodel Direct can fit into your schedule. 

Flexible With Weight 

If you’re unsure about the exact weight of your parcel, Yodel Direct has got you covered. You can send up to 10kg per parcel, allowing you to be more flexible with your parcel. 

To give you an idea of how much 10kg approximately weighs, here are some household items you can compare your parcel with: 

  • A car tire
  • A high chair
  • A large mirror 
  • A 24 pack of canned beverages

A Service for All Senders 

Yodel Direct is an experienced courier suitable for all types of senders. Whether you’re a one time sender or an avid sender with an online shop, Yodel has got you covered. 

Yodel Direct and Smart Send

If you use our free shipping solution tool Smart Send, you’ll be able to use Yodel Direct as your default courier and get exclusive prices. 

Smart Send allows you to save time and keep all of your orders from your e-commerce shop in one place, without the hassle of manually entering your addresses one by one. 

And the best part is Smart Send is completely free to use!

Extensive Free Parcel Tracking 

Yodel Direct offers extensive free parcel tracking on all of its orders. They are dedicated to providing the best options for our customers when it comes to parcel deliveries. 

Track your parcel from the moment you drop it off or have it collected to its final destination with our expert tracking tool, without all of the hassles! 

Yodel Direct understands the importance of customer's peace of mind. That's why Yodel offers a helpful parcel tracking service with constant updates on the whereabouts of your package.

Have You Used Yodel Direct?

It’s clear to see why you should choose Yodel Direct. Whether you’re sending a one-off parcel that you need to drop off immediately or you regularly send parcels, Yodel has both competitive prices and convenient and flexible services - what more could you want?

As the UK’s leading courier comparison website, we understand our customers want the cheapest postage rates and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Parcel2Go. See how much you could save by getting a free Yodel Direct quote today! 


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