What Parcel2Go Did in 2021

At Parcel2Go, we’re proud to offer you a variety of affordable and reliable delivery options.

In 2021, you sent over 13 million parcels to 218 countries and islands with us!

If that’s not enough to convince you that Parcel2Go is your go-to sending solution, here’s a few reasons why you can put your trust in us to get your parcel from A to B:


We Work with the Best Couriers

As the UK’s leading parcel delivery comparison site, we work with the very best couriers in the UK.

In 2021, we compared services from 24 couriers around the country and we are constantly building relationships with your favourite parcel delivery companies, so we can offer a service for everyone. Working with so many parcel carriers means that you can find the right courier for your parcel sending needs quickly and have your package on its way in no time.


A Service for Everyone

With 109 services available to you last year, and more on the way, we really do have a parcel delivery service to suit all your needs.

Whether your parcel is large or heavy, you need it delivered the next day or overseas - we have a service for that!

Having so many options in one place means you can easily compare the prices across the board without having to flick through web page after web page. We value our customers and that’s why we take on the hard work of finding the best price for you.

And no matter which service you choose, we offer free tracking so you can follow your parcel for it’s entire journey.


Reliable International Delivery

If you ship parcels abroad regularly, the last year might have been a difficult one with Brexit changes fully coming into force. That’s why we created our International Shipping Hub so you can easily navigate these changes and have peace of mind that your parcels will arrive where they need to.

Despite changes to EU shipping, we still delivered 560,405 parcels across Europe last year and 483,428 to the rest of the world.

Shipping overseas can feel like a gamble, but it doesn’t have to. Our international shipping starts from just £5.81 exc VAT, so you won’t have to worry about costs either.


We Make Parcel Delivery Easy

Sending a parcel doesn’t need to be a faff and you don’t need to feel like you’re going out of your way to do it. Whether you’re sending a one-off package or you run a business and parcel delivery is part of your everyday life, we work hard to provide solutions for you.

Not only do we offer the cheapest parcel delivery in the UK, but we also have tools such as Pre Pay to make sending parcels even cheaper.

And if delivery feels like a hassle, give Smart Send a go - it’s an easy way to manage your shipments in one place, no matter how often you send. You can even set up rules so your parcel deliveries are automated. But don’t just take our word for it. Read:

We’re happy to have helped almost 900,000 of you send parcels in 2021 and we look forward to making parcel delivery even easier for you this year.


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