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About AbeBooks Shipping

Global marketplace AbeBooks UK offers a range of items for sale, including books, fine art, collectables and more with a focus on rare and out-of-print books. Owned by Amazon since 2008, AbeBooks was initially created in 1996.

Sellers across 50 countries are able to list and sell their items through AbeBooks UK’s second hand market to buyers all around the world. Want to use AbeBooks to sell your second hand rare items, such as books, trade and textbooks, art and collectables, maps, comics and more? It’s easy - and AbeBooks shipping is even easier with Parcel2Go!

We give you the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere for AbeBooks combined shipping and other delivery options. Find out for yourself now.

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UK Services

Looking for AbeBooks shipping options across the UK and beyond? Get low-cost AbeBooks postage for great prices with our quick quote tool today. We’ve got express, economy and super economy delivery options on offer from reliable couriers like DPD, Evri, Parcelforce and more. Get your quote now!!

Drop-off Services

AbeBooks delivery is easy with hundreds of local parcel drop off locations at your fingertips. Your AbeBooks delivery can be dropped off with a print-at-home or in-store label for a hassle-free selling experience. Your buyers don’t have to go into an AbeBooks store to buy their items - and you don’t need to go into a drop-off store either!

Super-fast Delivery

Your AbeBooks second hand items are guaranteed to not only arrive in perfect condition, but also be delivered as fast as possible. Our AbeBooks courier services partners offer quick next day delivery and other super-fast delivery options for you to choose from. Get your items where they need to go, fast.

International Services

We provide AbeBooks international shipping options that won’t break the bank. Just enter your details into our quick quote tool and get a price from the best international couriers around. We also give you free parcel tracking when you book through us for peace of mind, no matter where your items are in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AbeBooks legit?

Yes, AbeBooks is a legitimate site where you can buy and sell rare or out-of-stock books, collectables, art and more. It was established in 1996 and has a long running history of reliability.

Who owns AbeBooks? Is AbeBooks part of Amazon?

Yes, AbeBooks is a subsidiary of Amazon. AbeBooks’ secondhand book portal was bought by Amazon in 2008.

Does AbeBooks have an app?

No, AbeBooks does not have an app - but its website is easy to use to organise and sell your secondhand items.

How does AbeBooks work?

An AbeBooks UK second hand seller can list items on the site, but handles all storage and shipping themselves. Listings are automatically placed on six international websites. You can create your own AbeBooks combined shipping options and shipping speeds on your listings.

Can I use Parcel2Go to handle shipping for AbeBooks?

Yes, you can! Our AbeBooks courier services can easily get your items to their destination with the minimum of fuss, but the maximum of savings. Use our quick quote tool to find out more now.