Quote and Send parcels directly
from your  store

Get the new Parcel2Go Plugin, available now

Official Parcel2Go Woo Commerce Shipping Plugin

Key features of the plugin

Send a parcel directly from Woo Commerce admin section with features found on the main Parcel2Go website.

  1. Easy settings for Parcel Protection
  2. Quick payments with PrePay and Auto PrePay
  3. Get quotes for collection and drop off services and choose from next day to economy deliveries
  4. Choose from a range of collection dates and drop off locations
  5. Latest tracking status available in Woo Commerce with a link to Parcel2Go for more details
  6. Download and print your label from within Woo Commerce
  7. Unique Parcel2Go reference to easily speak to a member of the Parcel2Go customer service team

Getting a Parcel2Go API Key

  1. Register or log in with Parcel2Go.com
  2. Go to https://www.parcel2go.com/myaccount/api or select ‘API’ from the ‘Settings’ drop down in the ‘My Account’ section.
  3. Click ‘Create Credentials’ as below:
  4. After clicking you’ll see the next screen, click ‘Client Credentials’. Enter an app name, this can be anything, add application URL (the website address of your website eg www.mywebsite.com), and a secret which can be anything – longer secrets will be more secure. Remember these details as you will need them later. You will not be able to retrieve the secret.

Getting the plugin

  1. Go to the Woo Commerce admin section
  2. Click on ‘Plugins’ and ‘Add New Plugin’
  3. Search for ‘Parcel2Go’ in the search box and install.

Adding your API key and setting up your plugin

  1. Click on Parcel2Go on the side of your admin menu
  2. Enter your ClientId and ClientSecret from the Parcel2Go setup page
  3. Add your collection address, which will be used for parcel collection and returns.
  4. Enter a default package size which will be used for all items which don’t have dimensions. This can be changed before booking your item.
  5. Optionally add a VAT number which will be used for International orders.
  6. Choose whether you would like to include Parcel Protection on your parcels as default. This can be changed when booking your parcel.

Paying for your delivery

You can use your PrePay balance to pay for parcel deliveries. You can also enable Auto PrePay to automatically top up your balance when you send an item so you will never run out of credit.

  1. To view your balance click the ‘Parcel2Go’ button on the sidebar.
  2. To add a balance click the link ‘you can top your account up here’

    Find out more details here. https://www.parcel2go.com/content/what-is-prepay.aspx

Sending a sold item

  1. Select the sold item as you would usually
  2. Click the ‘Send with Parcel2Go’ button in the actions column
  3. Check all the delivery and collection details as well as box size details as this will affect your quote.
  4. Choose whether you need Parcel Protection and then click ‘Get Quote’
  5. A list of collection and drop off quotes from a range of couriers will show below. Choose the service you require and click the ‘Book’ button next to the price.
  6. If you choose a collection service you will need to choose a date for the courier to collect your parcel. Collection options vary between couriers. Choose which date you would like click ‘Book’
  7. If you choose a drop off service you will be shown a list of drop off points based on the collection address you entered on the previous stage. Choose a location and click ‘Book’
  8. You will now see the payment options, if you are happy with your selections just click ‘Pay’ to complete the purchase.

Printing a label and viewing your tracking

  1. Click on your sold item
  2. You will notice a ‘Shipping’ section to the right. At the bottom you will see the following:
    1. The Parcel2Go reference number should you need to speak to our customer service team regarding your parcel
    2. The shipping cost
    3. The latest shipping status for you item. If you click  the link it will take you to the Parcel2Go website for a full breakdown of the tracking
    4. A link to generate a label which you will need to print out and attach to your parcel, unless you have chosen a service which does not require a printer.