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Plug into industrious Eindhoven to put a spark into business
Getting business moving into Eindhoven has been a major focus for international delivery companies for many years.
As one of the Netherlands’ original industrial centres, and a major transport hub between the Low Countries and the rest of Europe, the city of Eindhoven plays a key role in the transportation of goods across a large portion of the continent.
Canals and railways were initially responsible for making Eindhoven such an attractive location for business and trade, and the first industries to profit from these benefits were tobacco and textile processing and manufacturing.
With the establishment of its first factory in 1891, for manufacturing light bulbs, the seeds were sown for the growth of what has become the city of Eindhoven’s most widely-known business – the Philips electrical and electronics company.
This led to substantial growth in surrounding areas, and led in 1920 to the establishment of the Groot-Eindhoven (Greater Eindhoven) municipality. The DAF car and truck manufacturing company followed, making Eindhoven the Netherlands’ main industrial production centre.
Bombings in the latter part of the Second World War destroyed large areas of the city, and the rebuilding that followed left little of the city’s industrial and cultural heritage intact.
Housing developments between the 1970s and 1990s saw Eindhoven grow into the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, and made it a key target of companies looking to export to the country from the UK.
Modern industry depends heavily on the existence of ‘just in time’ and express delivery services. When used to their full potential, such services give a business the competitive edge over its rivals, and can make getting established in a fast-moving environment such as the Eindhoven business community, much easier.
Engaging the services of a reliable and efficient parcel delivery company will show business partners that a company is serious about establishing itself in the Dutch market, and make it easier to meet their needs.
There are many benefits to be gained from being associated with the major companies which have made Eindhoven their home. Not least is that once a company is trusted to offer reliable and efficient express delivery to the city, others will see how the benefits are being shared among their rivals.
Reliable and efficient Eindhoven courier services can help any business take those vital first steps into the city’s competitive business arena. Arranging an express parcel delivery to a business contact, friend or relative in the city is easy, and advice is available to help find the best service for any business’s individual needs.

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