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Use our instant chat to fire your questions over to our VIP team - we're always happy to help.

Have any questions? Use our instant chat to fire your questions over to our VIP team - we're always happy to help.

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Why Use eBay's International Shipping Platform?

Destination Price From* Average Saving**
Germany £7.91 27%
Ireland £11.29 6%
France £8.49 29%
Australia £16.62 23%
USA £14.54 33%

* Prices correct as of September 2022

** Savings compared to Royal Mail

Take control of your prices

Set your own postage prices and choose between IOSS, DDP or DDU - whichever works best for you to keep those initial costs low for your buyers.

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Quickly Compare Couriers Shipping to Over 180 Countries

Get exclusive access to the UK’s largest courier comparison site - Parcel2Go; giving you the power to instantly compare quotes from the UK’s biggest and best couriers.

Couriers include DPD, FedEx, Parcelforce, UPS and Evri.

Manage All Orders in One Place

Save yourself time by automatically importing and shipping your eBay orders. Our platform enables you to create rules depending on weight and destination, track your deliveries from start to finish and keep tabs on your monthly spend.

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How does it work?


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Choose your postage and start shipping!

What else can you expect from the eBay shipping platform?

Postage rates

Postage Rates

Calculate your prices before listing/selling.

Label Creation

Label Creation

Print multiple labels and manage any returns.

Invoice Management

Invoice Management

Create custom invoices for your business records.

Pick and Pack assistance

Pick & Pack Assistance

Sort and priortise your orders ready for shipping.

Customer Notifications

Customer Notifications

Automated notifications sent directly to your customers.


Parcel2Go is the UK's largest courier comparison website. They work with all the most trusted couriers so they can offer you the cheapest shipping within the UK and internationally.

All you have to do is enter your parcel's destination and measurements to get a quick quote. They will show you the cheapest and fastest shipping options for your parcel.

With our International Shipping Platform, you can manage items sold to buyers overseas including choosing which courier to ship with and how to pay import fees.

First you need a Parcel2Go account - if you don't have one you can sign up here.

Then all you need to do is click the 'Get Started' button at the top of this page and you can start using our International Shipping Platform to manage your orders. It's important to know that you can only manage international orders with this platform - for orders shipped within the UK you need to integrate your Parcel2Go account with eBay here. Once your account is all set up, you can start setting up your own international shipping.

It is now! - with eBay's new International Shipping Platform powered by Parcel2Go. When the Global Shipping Program was eBay's best option, some sellers with lower value or lightweight items felt that the higher postage prices that GSP added to their listings wasn't worth it. But with eBay's new International Shipping Platform, you can choose your own postage prices and get the best rates while staying in control of the entire delivery process.

So not only is international shipping with eBay worth it, but you can tap into a much larger target market and grow your business even more.