New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep in 2024

There’s a lot of pressure in January and we’ve all heard ‘New Year, New You’ too many times before. But did you know that only 46% of people who made New Year’s resolutions were actually successful?

We think the key to being one of the 46% is to use your New Year’s resolutions to add to your already wonderful life, instead of trying to drastically change it.

You don’t need to become brand new to improve your sense of self. Your New Year goals should be achievable and, most of all, enjoyable!

So let’s look at some popular New Year’s resolutions and how you can actually achieve them in 2024:


1. Be Healthier

Stop saying you’re going to lose weight every year! Instead, think about what you can gain.

How can you be healthier?

Remember that your new year goals should be measurable and attainable. So be specific. For example, ‘This year I’m going to:

  • workout twice a week.’
  • try a different kind of exercise every month.’
  • cook with a new fruit or vegetable every week.’

If you do have a weight goal in mind, make sure it’s achievable and that the process of achieving it is just as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health.


Woman doing yoga


2. Save Money

Thinking about ‘saving’ is a lot nicer than thinking about ‘not spending’.

The worst thing you can do is try to tunnel lots of money away right away, because you might end up dipping into your savings pot in later months. And often having to go back on a goal is what leads people to throw the towel in entirely.

It’s good to push yourself when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, but it’s okay to start small.

If you find you’re easily putting away an extra £100 a month, then up that transaction to £150. It may seem small but it will soon add up and means you won’t have to backtrack.

Saving could just be about making measured choices, like shopping around before buying something. Use comparison sites, like Parcel2Go, to make sure you’re always getting the cheapest price.


Couple working out finances


3. Learn a New Skill

This is often on the top of people’s lists - but where to start? What to learn?

Really, we’re learning everyday and there are opportunities all around us! But if you need inspiration, here’s 101 new skills you could learn in 2024.

One thing that can make learning a new skill or finding a new hobby more enjoyable is doing it with someone else. That way you can hold each other accountable, and it narrows down your options to something that’s achievable for both of you.

Remember that the best New Year’s resolutions are the ones that are personal to you. Those are the goals you’re most likely to stay motivated to achieve.


Woman smiling as she paints


4. Read More Books

This one is on most New Year resolution lists and it’s a great goal to have!

There are a lot of benefits to reading, and you can easily give yourself a book goal for the year.

Make sure you’re realistic with how many books you can get through. And choose your books wisely, because there’s nothing worse than dragging yourself through a book you don’t really like, just to get onto the next one.

Goodreads is a great way to track the books you’ve read, find new books you’ll like and have a nosy at what your friends, family and colleagues are reading too.

Books are one of the most commonly shipped items in the UK, so why not post your favourite book to a friend after you’ve read it? Our postage starts at just £2.15 exc VAT.


Woman smiling as she reads


5. Start a New Career

Have you been dreaming of escaping your day job? Got a side hustle you want to pursue full time?

You’re not alone! And as cheesy as it is, the New Year is a great time to really commit to your passions.

If diving in feels a little daunting, our guides on making your side hustle your full time job and turning your hobby into a career could help you!

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Make 2024 your year with achievable New Year goals and positive New Year’s resolutions that you won’t want to quit on!


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