Evri Postable: Everything You Need to Know

In 2020, we were excited to introduce Evri Postable the letterbox friendly service which means you no longer have to wait in for a parcel to arrive! Starting at just £2.25, it’s one of our most affordable parcel delivery options.

And the benefits don’t stop there - according to Evri, Postable is their lowest delivery price available on the market with an almost guaranteed delivery rate. Whether you’re a first time sender or a regular business shipper, enjoy peace of mind that your delivery is headed straight into the receiver’s letterbox.

Better still, there’s an eco-friendly delivery option for those who want their deliveries to be more sustainable - a great selling point for business senders.



Evri Postable Size - What Can I Send?

Evri Postables dimensions are 23cm x 35cm x 2.5cm and your parcel can weigh up to 1KG.

Avoiding Underpayments

It’s important to know that even though most letterboxes are more than 2.5cm in height, your parcel must not exceed these measurements above. If it does, you could risk underpaying for your parcel and have Evri contact you at a later date to pay those extra charges. If that happens, it can be very frustrating, so it’s best to double check before you ship.

Remember to measure your parcel after packaging it and if it does exceed Evri Postable dimensions, don’t worry. We’ve got loads of affordable small parcel delivery services, for example our cheapest service is with Yodel Direct, from just £2.25 exc VAT!

Just pop the dimensions of your parcel into our quote tool and we’ll bring up your cheapest shipping options!

And you can still send a range of items with Evri Postable, such as:

  • Clothes - t-shirts, socks
  • Books and small magazines
  • Small Accessories - jewellery, belts
  • Toys - playing cards, puzzles


How Your SME Can Benefit from Evri Postable

Evri Postable has a range of benefits that can help you succeed as a business owner. If you send small parcels that will fit through a letterbox, take advantage of Evri’s lowest-priced service on the market.

Selling on a Marketplace?

If you sell on a marketplace such as Etsy or Amazon, you can send more than one parcel with Postable, freeing up time to send even more stock. And you can set this service as your default courier service so you can start shipping with Evri right away!

What are the Benefits for My Business?

  • Parcels can fit through a letterbox which means your deliveries will have a higher success rate
  • It’s cheap! Send from just £2.25 exc VAT
  • Send no matter what size your business is
  • Ship a range of items
  • Bulk send with Smart Send



Smart Send and Evri Postable

Smart Send is our free online shipping management tool. The platform puts you in control of your shipping, allowing you to tailor your courier preferences for each item you send. Manage, automate and ship your parcels all from one place - ideal for business shippers!

You can even integrate all the marketplaces you use with Smart Send, and set up different rules and courier services for each one! Find out more about Smart Send.



Use Evri Postable On the Go

Evri Postable is also available on the go with the Parcel2Go app. The app allows you to seamlessly sync between your app and your web account, meaning you can get all of your orders in one place. Download from wherever you get your apps!

See how much you can save with Evri Postable today.


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