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You can track your Amazon parcel delivery and find your package’s current whereabouts with the quick and simple tracking tool. Simply enter your order number in our free parcel tracking tool below:
Can't find your P2G reference number? Entering your Amazon tracking reference will also work. You can find these on your confirmation email sent at the time of booking. Looking to send more parcels with Amazon?

International & UK Amazon Tracking

How to track your Amazon Parcel

Tracking your Amazon parcels has never been simpler, thanks to our Amazon ecommerce tracking platform. Tracking numbers for parcels can be located within your Seller Central account. After signing in, head to the "Orders" section and click on "Manage Orders". Within the specific order you're interested in, you should find the tracking number provided by your shipping carrier once the parcel has been dispatched.

Parcel2Go's SmartSend service provides a unique solution that effortlessly integrates with your Amazon selling account, enhancing numerous aspects of the delivery and shipping process. Once established, SmartSend can extract details of dispatched items directly from Amazon, relieving sellers from the task of manual data entry. With the convenience to promptly compare courier quotes, select a preferred service, and even settle postage payments via SmartSend, we revolutionize Amazon package tracking. Our service ensures you can seamlessly 'track my order' on Amazon, thus enabling sellers to offer a top-tier customer experience. Experience complimentary Amazon delivery tracking when you choose Parcel2Go. Embark on your journey with our integrated Amazon delivery tracking service, SmartSend, today!

Amazon Order Tracking Steps

Amazon parcel tracking typically goes through several stages from the moment an order is placed to when it's delivered. Here are the common steps:

  1. Order Placed: Once a customer places an order on Amazon, they receive an email confirmation. This signifies that the order has been successfully placed.

  2. Preparation for Dispatch: After the order is confirmed, the seller (whether it's Amazon itself or a third-party seller) prepares the item for shipment. This includes packaging and labeling.

  3. Shipped: The seller sends the package to the selected carrier and updates the system to reflect that the item is in transit. A tracking number, if available, is provided, and the customer receives an email notification about the shipment.

  4. In Transit: This stage includes all the steps the package goes through while on its way to the customer. It might involve moving through different sorting facilities and loading onto delivery vehicles. The system is usually updated at each of these steps, providing real-time tracking information.

  5. Out for Delivery: The package is loaded onto a local delivery vehicle for the final step of its journey. The tracking status will update to show it's out for delivery.

  6. Delivered: The package is delivered to the customer's specified address. The status in the order tracking updates to 'delivered'.

  7. Failed Delivery: If the carrier couldn't deliver the package, the tracking status may show "attempted delivery" or "delivery failed." Depending on the carrier's policy, the package might be held at a local post office or delivery center, or a re-delivery may be attempted.

For more detailed or specific tracking information, it's best to refer to the tracking information provided in the shipping confirmation email or directly in your Amazon account under your orders section.

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