Checklist for Consumer Senders

Useful Checklist

Here’s a recap of everything you need to consider when sending goods to EU recipients from the UK.

Check VAT Rates

Find out the VAT rate of the destination country in the EU

Check VAT on Gifts

If you're sending a gift to an EU recipient, check it qualifies for a VAT exemption under the new regulations.

Check the Value of your Parcel

Make sure you know how to calculate the total value of your parcel for VAT purposes


Decide whether DDU or DDP is better for you - Remember DDP is quicker and easier for your recipients

Enter the Correct Details on the Commercial Invoice

Make sure your Commercial Invoice is completed correctly and your goods are described accurately

Find the Correct Tariff Codes

When classifying your goods using the Harmonised System (HS/ Tariff / Commodity), select the most descriptive HS code possible.

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