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Business post that’s 32% cheaper than second-class stamps.

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A pay-as-you-go service

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Same-day collection

When you book before 11 am, you can have all of your items collected the same day.

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Each box of letters and small parcels you send through our Letters and Small Parcels by Whistl drop-off service can weigh up to 20 kg, with a maximum Length + Girth of 3 m. If youve booked a collection service, your boxes cannot exceed 20 kg in weight and a maximum length of 1 m.


Length + Girth is calculated by adding your boxs width and height together, multiplying that number by two, and adding it to the length of your box.


Please note that if one of your boxes exceeds the size limits stated above, you could incur an additional surcharge from the courier that youll be required to pay.


Click here for additional surcharge information


Delivery times for Letters and Small Parcels by Whistl take 3–5 days from the point of collection.


If youre using a drop-off service, this delivery time will begin when the courier comes to collect it, which could be the following day depending on the time at which you dropped your box off.


You dont need to sort your items when sealing them in your boxes.


However, you will be required to accurately declare the number of letters, large letters and small parcels youll be sending when booking your order. Failure to properly declare your items can result in an additional surcharge issued by the courier.


You can send as many boxes as you like per order.


However, you should note that each box you send will have a minimum spend of £20 excluding VAT. For this reason, we recommend that you consolidate your items to ensure you maximise your potential savings.


If one of the items you send using the Letters and Small Parcels service can’t be delivered, it will return to a local Royal Mail branch and a calling card will be left at the recipient’s address prompting them to collect it.

In the event that an item can’t be delivered due to illegibility, the item will instead be returned to the sender


Our Letters and Small Parcels services cover the Highlands and Islands, Scilly Isles and the Isle of Man as well as the UK mainland. 

Please be aware that when sending from areas other than the UK mainland, deliveries may take slightly longer.


Letters and Small Parcels is a ‘part-tracked’ service, meaning that you can electronically track your box of letters and small parcels up until the point of handover at the Royal Mail depot.

Once your items have been handed over, you can expect your items to be delivered within 48 hours.

You won’t have access to tracking on other second-class services. That’s why you’re getting an extra level of security when you book with our Letters and Small Parcels service.

Introducing Letters and Small Parcels

Letters and Small Parcels is a service that’s designed to save you up to 32% on all the business mail you send, which you can book online in seconds. That means you can start sending business letters from just 38p right now.

Parcel2Go is able to bring you incredible prices like these on small business postage by partnering with Whistl, the UK’s second-largest postal company. Every year, they’re trusted by UK businesses to deliver nearly 4 billion items.

And now, they’re working with us to bring Parcel2Go customers the business mailing prices they deserve.