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About China Courier Services

When it comes to international shipping, a lot of people will no doubt think that shipping to China from the UK is a complicated and expensive task. But this doesn’t have to be the case and you might just be surprised at how easy it is using the cheap courier services available from Parcel2Go.


We work with some of the world’s most trusted courier companies, meaning you can always be sure that your parcel is in good hands, no matter how far around the world it is travelling. Some of the services available include Parcelforce – Global Priority, TNT Economy Express, FedEx World Express and our very own Parcel2GoExpress Saver. Ideal solutions when you're looking to send packages with couriers to China.


The great thing about using Parcel2Go if you’re in the UK and need to send a parcel to China is that we offer a range of postage options, so you can choose the one that best suits your package and bank balance. We understand you will be after a discount on your delivery and have chosen purse-friendly prices as a result.


All you need to do to place your order is enter the details of your package into our online order form. You can then select the courier that best suits you. What’s more, you can follow the progress of your delivery using our online parcel tracking system. Not only does this give you the peace of mind you need when sending items abroad, but you can inform the recipient of when they can expect to receive their parcel.


Check out the China courier services available from Parcel2Go now.

Reviews for China


Great idea - but needs better support

Great idea, but when things sdon't go to plan, support was lacking. I sent a package to Northern Ireland, but never received the promised confirmation of delivery. When I enquired about this I got a cut and paste response to say it would be looked into - then nothing. I had to dig around my ... self in the end to find out what had happened. Get support right and you'll grow even bigger. [More]


Easy Delivery

Competitive pricing, delived within timescale stated


Good but could be better

Site works well and delivery is pretty good. Could be more flexible if unable to hang around for van man. I asked if I could drop off my parcels at the depot and I was told no. This does not make any sense.


Why queue in the post office!!

Hey people sit in the comfort of your own home and wait for this company to collect your parcel, they came on time and whilst the delivery was at the back end of the time frame, it was delivered in pristine condition and my recipient was delighted, the cost was the same or possibly less than the P.O ... . and I was able to track my parcel,s movement from the moment it left my house. [More]


Overall I am quite happy but...

But I have to point out that the service I used -Parcel Force- to Spain, has not delivered one of my parcels yet, I have been tracking them and one was delivered right on time I mean on Dec the 7th. but the other one has not been delivered and it was presents for a child`s birthday on the 7th, He is ... quite upset because he was expecting it, I understand that this is not Parcel2go problem and is probably the local post office, but still I am not too happy that it has not been delivered on time. It is not there just yet and I am hoping that tomorrow the latest will be there. I have given the recipients the tracking number and the ref. Please do not make me regret me recommending your services to all my friends, I thought it is a service very much needed especially for people like me(disabled) as we do not have to be queing in the post office, or carrying weight.The ref of the parcel that has not been delivered is: P2G 5240482 I appreciate if you can sort this out for me. Thank you I have just got an email apologizing about the problems about the weather, I have to say that in my case is not the weather as in Cartagena, and all the Levante area in Spain were at 23 degrees today, Lucky for some! In the track says it was at the depot on the 7th but did not locate the address, It has the telephone number in the labels in case they need to call for directions,I am still hopeful and I want to believe that you will do your best to sort this out for me. Sincerely Marta Escario [More]


Good (mostly!)

First time I have used parcel 2 go. Had a problem printing the labels, but didn't find this until after I had paid and couldn't go back. This is not the fault of Parcel2go and I intend to use the service again as I am happy with it overall. Where the service fell down was the on line tracking, whi ... ch I thought was rubbish! It only tracked my parcels up to the point they arrived at the collecting depot. There was no record of them from the hub, or the delivering depots! 24 hours later did not show any update. 24hours after that, the parcels were untrackable! Luckily, my customers contacted me when the parcels were delivered, otherwise I still wouldn't know? [More]