Parcelforce Courier FAQs

With 14 different Parcelforce services to choose from, you can be sure we have a delivery service to suit your needs. Starting from just £7.25 exc VAT, your Parcelforce delivery could arrive as soon as tomorrow if you book your delivery today!

Parcelforce tracking is available for free on all services with Parcel2Go.

Got a question about Parcelforce Worldwide service? We answer your FAQs below:


Is Parcelforce Part of Royal Mail?

Yes, Parcelforce is a part of the Royal Mail Group Limited. In 1990, Royal Mail Parcels rebranded to Parcelforce while Royal Mail originally just handled the company's letters and small parcels.

We work with both Royal Mail and Parcelforce, so we have a service for all of your needs.


What Types of Delivery Services Do Parcelforce Offer?

Whether you’re looking to ship a parcel within the UK or worldwide, Parcelforce have got you covered. But the 25 year old courier is probably best known for offering quick and reliable international delivery.

With both Parcelforce drop off and collection services, you can have your parcel collected from the comfort of your own home or visit one of 11,500 drop shops throughout the UK.

Find your local Parcelforce drop off here.

Parcelforce Worldwide also offers a number of express next day delivery options within the UK - as soon as 9am, 10am or midday the next day.


Do Parcelforce Delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays?

Parcelforce does deliver on Saturdays between 7am and 2pm if you choose Saturday delivery. If you don’t choose Saturday delivery when booking your parcel, it’s more likely that your Parcelforce delivery will arrive the following Monday.

Parcelforce does not deliver on Sundays or Bank Holidays but you can drop a parcel off at your local Parcelforce drop off point if it’s open on those days.


When do Parcelforce deliver?

Parcelforce deliveries are usually made between 7am and 6pm Monday* - Friday and 7am and 2pm on Saturdays.

Collections are made 9am - 5.30pm.

*Excluding Bank Holiday Mondays


Can I Ship Internationally with Parcelforce?

Yes, you can ship internationally with Parcelforce. The courier ships parcels around the globe from the UK - check out all of Parcelforce’s international delivery options.


Where do Parcelforce Leave Parcels?

Parcelforce won’t leave your parcel in a safe place and will usually return it to your local Post Office instead. The courier will leave a card that will let you know whether:

  1. they will attempt a redelivery the next working day.
  2. they have left your parcel with a neighbour.
  3. you need to collect your parcel from your local Post Office.

All of these options will come at no extra charge. To avoid missing your parcel, use Parcelforce tracking for free so you know exactly when your delivery will arrive.


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