Disputing a surcharge

If you believe that you have grounds to dispute a surcharge, you can do so by providing the following information. We will then investigate your query with the courier and get back to you as soon as we've heard back from them.

What is a surcharge?

A Letters and Small Parcels surcharge is an additional charge issued by the courier when the actual volume of your items exceeds the volume you declared during the order process.

When you use a Letters and Small Parcels service, it's important that you declare the type and number of items you're sending correctly. If you don't, it creates additional work for the staff at the Whistl depot, as they'll need to sort more items than expected.

The surcharge is issued to cover the additional work required from the staff when items are under-declared.

How you can avoid incurring surcharges

There are a few simple steps that you can take in order to avoid future surcharges when using the Letters and Small Parcels service:

Pack your items before you book.
That way you'll know exactly how many boxes you'll need in advance of getting a quote.

Double-check the number of items you're sending.
If you're sending in large volume, it can be easy to miss one or two items, so we advise counting your items again before you book.
Measure each of your items.
Getting accurate measurements of the items you're sending means you'll avoid categorising any of your item incorrectly (e.g. categorising a small parcel as a large letter).