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Shipping to Ukraine?

Planning on shipping to Ukraine, but worrying about costs? We have the best prices possible, thanks to our strong relationships with international courier services from providers like UPS. Book your parcel delivery to Ukraine right now with our quick quote tool or read on for more information.

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Our Services and Postage to Ukraine

We can offer you reliable shipping to Ukraine through our reliable international couriers and services, from just Quote Not Found!

Don’t worry about your parcel’s safety when using Ukraine delivery services - all of our Ukraine couriers offer free tracking as standard on any service you choose. 

Before You Ship to Ukraine

Before sending your parcel to Ukraine, it's important to check Ukraine customs and prohibited items so that your parcel reaches your destination with ease.

You should also check non-working days and public holidays in Ukraine. Any shipment made on these days can only be delivered on the next working day.

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Ukraine Customs and Gift Delivery to Ukraine

Do you need to pay customs when you’re shipping to Ukraine? Yes, you will need to deal with customs when sending a parcel for delivery to Ukraine from the UK. Our Ukraine couriers can handle the customs process for you - just give all the details they will need when you book, such as details on the contents of your parcel. This will help them to estimate the total value of your parcel and its postage, which will determine whether you pay any customs duties or VAT. 

You can check the Ukraine Customs Website in advance of your parcel delivery to help you check if you’ll need to pay any charges for customs.

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Ukraine Address Format

Shipping to Ukraine? You’ll need to address your parcel with the Ukraine address format as follows:

You’ll need to know the street name, city name and post code for your parcel delivery to Ukraine to get to the right address. Don’t forget to write ‘UKRAINE’ in capital letters on the last line! 

Need more help? This address guide will help you get your parcel delivery to Ukraine delivered to the right place

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Ukraine Prohibited Items

There are border control prohibited items that will hold up your parcel delivery to Ukraine if you try to ship them. The Ukraine Customs department has full information on the Ukraine-prohibited food, drink and goods that you can’t send. There’s also the Parcel2go list that you can filter by country and courier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to Ukraine?

Delivery costs for Ukraine are low with Parcel2Go! Cheap postage to Ukraine starts from Quote Not Found - get the lowest delivery prices for Ukraine you’ll find anywhere using our quick quote tool. 

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How long does post take from the UK to Ukraine?

You can expect parcel deliver to Ukraine in 7 working days. Our trusted network of fast and reliable Ukraine courier services will be able to deliver your items safely. 

Sending a gift to Ukraine? We can help you! Just enter your details into our quick quote tool and see what options you have for sending a gift to Ukraine today.

What can you not send to Ukraine?

There are specific banned items that you can’t send using Ukraine courier services. These might include:

  • Any living organism including animals and plants

  • Batteries or anything containing batteries

  • Cigars and cigarillos

  • Cosmetics

  • Narcotics

  • Poisonous and toxic liquids and gases

The Ukraine Customs department will have the full information on which goods can’t be sent via Ukraine courier. We also have our own list - the full prohibited items list - that will help you to check if the items you’d like to send are prohibited or not. Filter the list by Ukraine and by the courier services you’d like to use to check properly.