myHermes Courier FAQs

Have a question about our myHermes delivery services? We've compiled a list of questions and answers below to help you in deciding if myHermes is the courier for you.


What types of delivery services does myHermes offer?

There are a variety of services that you can book with myHermes, both drop-off and collection.

The most popular myHermes service currently is their UK ParcelShop service, particularly for parcels eligible to be classed as ‘Small’ or ‘Medium’.

While the ParcelShop service is certainly the most cost-effective, some customers prefer to book a myHermes collection service for a little added convenience. Like all collection services, you can specify a particular location and date on which you’d like your parcel collected. That means you could get it collected from home or your place of work; whatever works best for you.


Do myHermes deliver on Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays?

Currently, myHermes delivery hours do include Saturdays, but not on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

However, there are a number of services that can collect and deliver parcels on weekends and bank holidays, all of which are available at the lowest available rates. You can find out more here.

You can book a myHermes Saturday delivery for the same competitive rates you’ll find for any other day of the week.


What are myHermes' delivery times?

Collections and deliveries are made by myHermes between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday.

Please note that this excludes bank holidays.


Can you ship internationally with myHermes?

You can ship internationally with myHermes, thanks to their International ParcelShop service.

With myHermes International ParcelShop, you can drop off your parcel at a local drop-off location – typically a nearby convenience store – and have your parcel delivered to another country in 3–5 days.

International ParcelShop is a great option for international sellers with a tighter shipping budget, as it’s cheaper than many other international delivery services.


Are there any myHermes options available for large parcels?

Yes – in fact, we provide a dedicated myHermes solution for large parcels called myHermes Light & Large.

With myHermes Light & Large, customers can ship bulky, lightweight items (say, a box 1.5m in length but only 5kg) at a price that better reflects lower weights.

Since we introduced it, it’s become one of our most popular services for large parcel deliveries.


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