Lockdown Ideas: Should I Start Selling on Etsy?

If lockdown has allowed you a bit more time to work on your creative projects and given you the incentive to explore your entrepreneurial side, then starting to sell on Etsy could be a great move for you.

Dipping your toe into the world of running your own business from the comfort of your own home is easy with an online marketplace, whether you’re selling beautiful handmade pieces or vintage treasures.

Great for artists and craftspeople, Etsy is the go-to marketplace for all things handmade. And, with 74% of Esty users considering their shop a business, it can lead to something more than just a hobby.




Why Etsy?

There are plenty of online marketplaces you can try, but let’s take a look at what sets Etsy apart from the others.


Powerful Management Tools

Great news for those of you who love creating but aren’t so keen on the thought of managing your own website, their powerful management tools will help you maximise sales without being a slave to the back-office systems.

Top features include the Etsy App which helps you manage your orders and listings on the go, free social media tools, detailed performance stats, and seamless payment options.


Network With Other Creatives

One of Etsy’s biggest benefits is its commitment to providing support and education to help your business thrive. There’s a great Sellers Handbook which is invaluable when you’re just starting out, but the best thing about it is the community spirit.

When you join Etsy you’re not alone. Their online forums and Teams are a perfect place to build a support network of like-minded creatives - great news for times when you might be feeling a bit isolated.


No Monthly Fees

 With Etsy’s Standard option there’s no monthly subscription fee, and the Etsy selling fees are simple and transparent.

Once you’ve got your head around your Etsy Shop and your products are starting to get noticed, you could choose to upgrade to Etsy Plus for just £7.80 a month to get access to advanced tools and more personalised branding.




Before You Start Your Etsy Shop

Whilst starting your own Etsy shop will undoubtedly involve a lot of trial and error whilst you discover what your customers like (and don’t like!), these top tips will help you navigate those first few steps towards selling your products online.


Get Your Product Right

Of course, you want to make products you love, but you’ll need to make sure you’re making something your customers will love too.

Knowing who you’ll be marketing your products to will help you put your own unique twist on the things you know they’re looking for and will ensure they’ll love your products as much as you do. 

Finding your own niche and having a product offering that sits together as a collection is a great idea. This way you’ll be able to build a really strong brand to help you stand out from all the other artists and craftspeople selling on Etsy.


Consider Free Delivery 

Offering free delivery to UK customers can really help you convert those sales and, as Etsy favours sellers that offer free delivery, it will help you get your products seen by more prospective customers too. 

We’ve got lots of ways to help you save on your postage costs so that offering free delivery doesn’t eat into your profits too much. For example Smart Send will help you save money with cheap postage, as well as saving time with its automated shipping function.


Understand the Etsy Algorithm

Etsy allows you 13 keyword tags and it’s really important that you use all of them if you’re going to maximise your reach.

 Think about using multi-word phrases in natural-sounding language and try to find as many different ways of describing your unique product as possible.


Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

The photos you add to your Etsy store are your shop window, and they really, really matter.

Top tips for achieving photos that will show your products off at their best include things like not using flash, considering your props and backgrounds, using natural lighting, and processing your photos before posting them.

You can add up to 10 photos per product so think about close-ups, different angles and lifestyle shots of the product in use.


Price for Profit

It’s well worth doing the groundwork on pricing before setting up your Etsy shop.

Lots of people price their products too low when they’re first starting out, whether that’s to try and get noticed or because you don’t have the experience of valuing your own work.

Checking out the competition is a great way to start setting your pricing at the right level. You could also ask yourself what kind of shop you want to be. For example, do you want to sell lots of products at a low profit, or a few products with big profits?

You’ll need to factor in other costs such as materials, labour, and Etsy fees when setting your pricing. And don’t forget that lowering your expenses can help your profit too - saving money on things like postage costs could add up to a huge difference on your bottom line.




Over to You

It can be scary starting to sell your products online, especially when your handmade items are so close to your heart but getting your first products listed and learning as you go are some of the most important things you can do. The perfect time to start to sell on Etsy is never going to come - we say go for it! 


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