How To Track a Parcel

Tracking a parcel shouldn’t be a hassle - luckily, we make it easy! We offer free parcel tracking on all our trusted UK couriers, so you can always have peace of mind on your parcel delivery.

Find your P2G tracking number when you book your delivery or in your account at any time, and easily track your parcel today! Let’s break down everything you need to know about parcel tracking and how it works with some of the top couriers in the UK.


What Do You Need to Track a Parcel?

All you need to start tracking your parcel is your reference number. When you book your delivery with Parcel2Go, you'll receive your tracking reference via email once your booking is confirmed. It will look something like 'P2G12345678'.

If you lose your tracking reference or didn't receive the email, you can also find it in your P2G account under the 'orders' section.


What Are The Benefits of Courier Tracking?

There are loads of perks to tracking your parcel:

  • Peace of Mind - Always know exactly where your parcel is and when it’ll arrive.
  • Efficiency - Plan your day around your parcel’s delivery schedule.
  • Convenience - Manage and track multiple shipments from different couriers all in one place with Parcel2Go tracking!


Does it Cost More to Track a Parcel?


phone with tracking on top of parcel


Tracking is completely free with Parcel2Go! All you need to do is enter your reference number in our tracking tool to receive updates on your parcel delivery.


Royal Mail Tracking

How to track a Royal Mail parcel?

Tracking a Royal Mail parcel is a piece of cake. Just enter your tracking number into our Royal Mail tracking tool to get updates on your parcel as it travels across the UK and overseas!

How late do Royal Mail deliver parcels?

Royal Mail usually delivers tracked parcels until around 4 PM in the UK, though this can vary during busy times. International shipping delivery times will vary based on the destination you’re sending to, but we’ll always alert you when your parcel is out for delivery!

What is Royal Mail Tracked 48?

Royal Mail Tracked 48 is a service that aims to deliver your parcel within 48 hours. This includes tracking at five points during your parcel’s journey and delivery confirmation.

How much is Royal Mail Tracked?

All of Royal Mail services are tracked with Parcel2Go. Book Royal Mail delivery today from just £2.25 exc VAT for a range of tracked express and economy services across the world.


DPD Tracking

How to track a DPD parcel?

With DPD’s parcel tracking, you’ll be able to monitor your parcel every step of the way, and if you’re not going to be at home you’ll be able to reschedule your delivery. We provide real-time updates and precise delivery windows with all DPD parcels.

What does a DPD tracking number look like?

When you book DPD delivery with Parcel2Go, your tracking number will consist of numbers and letters, and look something like this: ‘'P2G12345678'.’

How can I track my DPD parcel without a tracking number?

If you don’t have your tracking number or didn’t receive an email, you can always check your orders in your Parcel2Go account for a reminder. We make sure you always have eyes on your parcel delivery!


DHL Tracking

How to track a DHL parcel?

When you book with a DHL service through Parcel2Go, simply enter your tracking number into the DHL tracking tool to receive real-time updates on your parcel’s delivery status. We keep you informed through a five-stage process:

  1. Collected
  2. In Transit
  3. At Delivery Depot
  4. Out for Delivery
  5. Delivered

Whether you’re using DHL shipping within the UK, to Europe, or worldwide, you can track your affordable DHL delivery from the moment it's collected or dropped off until it reaches its final destination.

Does DHL have live tracking?

Yes, Parcel2Go provides live tracking updates on your DHL parcel, letting you see your parcel’s progress in real-time.

What does a DHL tracking number look like?

You can use a Parcel2Go tracking reference to monitor your DHL delivery. You’ll receive your tracking number when your booking is confirmed or in your Parcel2Go account.

Simply enter your tracking reference into our DHL tracking tool to start receiving updates on your parcel delivery.


Evri Tracking

How to track an Evri parcel?

Easily track your Evri Drop Off or Collection with Parcel2Go. All you need is your P2G reference number, which you can find in your email or on your Parcel2Go account.

Enter your reference number in either the Evri Drop Off or Evri Collection tracking tool for accurate updates on your parcel delivery.

What do Evri tracking numbers start with?

When you book a delivery with Evri through Parcel2Go, your tracking number will always start with ‘P2G’. Use this reference to receive real-time updates on your Evri Parcel.

Are all Evri parcels tracked?

All Evri parcels booked through Parcel2Go are tracked, offering you the ultimate convenience. You’ll receive a delivery window, live updates, and options to reschedule or leave your parcel in a safe place if you’re not going to be home.

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