How to Sell on OnBuy is home to both independent SMEs as well as big-name businesses. As a ‘true marketplace’, OnBuy doesn't sell products itself and instead focuses all its efforts on driving sales for sellers.

Every business selling on OnBuy is unique and has access to the same tools and advantages, whatever their size or level of experience. OnBuy’s business model and supportive approach facilitate growth for you and your business. By year-end 2023, OnBuy hope to be live in more countries than any other marketplace has reached before, all while keeping its core promise of driving growth for retailers.

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Find more benefits to selling with OnBuy below as well as a guide on how to get started with this growing marketplace.


Why Sell on OnBuy?

Here's just a few reasons why OnBuy could be the marketplace for you:

  • Always Growing - OnBuy grew over 600% year on year from 12018-2021 and this growth isn’t slowing down!
  • Trusted by thousands of Sellers - From SMEs to multinational companies, thousands of sellers use OnBuy to grow their businesses.
  • A True Marketplace - OnBuy doesn’t compete with its sellers: every product is sold by an independent business and receives OnBuy’s full support.
  • 8,000,000+ Customers - Offering its sellers a customer base over 8,000,000, OnBuy continue to expand this number by reaching even wider target markets overseas.
  • Instant Payments - OnBuy is unique among UK marketplaces because you get paid as soon as you dispatch the order.


Want to Become an OnBuy Seller?

By keeping things efficient, open and easy to understand, OnBuy provides a marketplace that can adapt to the needs of its sellers - from sole traders and SMEs right up to multinationals and bigger businesses.

It’s really easy to get set up on OnBuy - here are a few things to keep in mind before you start:


What does OnBuy sell?

Because OnBuy welcomes sellers of all kinds, the variety is seen in this marketplace is truly vast. From beauty, home and garden essentials to tech, toys and baby supplies, an enormous catalogue system helps customers find sellers’ listings fast.

Why is OnBuy so cheap for sellers?

OnBuy was designed not only to be a marketplace, but also a growth driver for eCommerce success. That’s why the platform has powerful marketing and discount promotion services that any seller - of any size - can use. OnBuy proactively markets products to increase sales too.

Boost is a risk-free advertising service that lets sellers transparently invest in marketing at scale - while Sale Price lets sellers set up discounts on as many of their listings as they like, for as long or short a timeframe as they choose.

OnBuy is truly fair: it never gives advantages to only its biggest or more profitable sellers. Boost, Sale Price and full personalised support are open to every eCommerce retailer selling on OnBuy.

Where is OnBuy based?

OnBuy are based in the UK but always expanding worldwide, so there’s always another new market to reach with your product listings.

Sellers are free to choose as many or as few countries to be active in as they like - opting in and out with a simple checkbox in their Seller Control Panel. That means OnBuy can help you coordinate a global eCommerce empire from one simple, intuitive dashboard.


How to Sell on OnBuy in 4 Easy Steps

Ready to join the world’s fastest-growing marketplace? Joining OnBuy as a seller is easy for any registered business, no matter the size.

Here’s some advice on getting started.


Step 1

Start by filling out OnBuy’s simple application form to register your interest in becoming a seller. You’ll need to answer a few questions about your business, such as how many products you sell and where you’re based.

One of OnBuy’s onboarding team will be in touch within 1 working day to chat about your application and get you set up to start selling.

You have the choice of two account packages:

  • Partner, which is £39.00 (plus VAT) per month
  • Standard, which is £19.00 (plus VAT) per month and includes OnBuy’s Subscription Waiver Guarantee

That guarantee means you’re given time to get set up and list your products without being charged a recurring subscription fee until your sales pick up. 


Step 2

The next step is to set up your OnBuy seller account. Take some time to get to know your Seller Control Panel (SCP). This is the core dashboard where you’ll manage your OnBuy account, from activating Boost and Sale Price to dispatching orders.

The SCP has been designed to be scalable, so if you’re expanding internationally along with OnBuy, you can control which countries you sell into from that single dashboard.

Likewise, you can add integrations to your SCP to have greater command over inventory, promotion, sales metrics - you name it.


Step 3

Once you’re set-up, the next step is to start listing your products. OnBuy operates a catalogue system, so you can list against new products or create new ones.

OnBuy offers three ways to list your products: manually, via their templates, or by using a channel integration. If you need to create new products manually, their Product Creation Wizard lets you do this easily.

Crisp clean product imagery and descriptive, detailed copy work wonders in helping your products stand out from the crowd. List product details and dimensions, upload images, even add videos and documents. OnBuy makes the process straightforward so you can focus on selling. 


Step 4

OnBuy will promote your products to millions of potential customers for free - and thanks to OnBuy’s unique partnership with PayPal, you’ll get paid as soon as you mark an order as dispatched. 

If you want even more visibility for your products, make sure you explore Boost. OnBuy’s ad service is a risk-free way to get additional exposure, as you only pay when you make a sale through Boost!


Use Parcel2Go to Send Your OnBuy Items

Once you start seeing your OnBuy sales mount up, you’ll need a shipping solution that will keep up with your business as it grows. With Smart Send, you can import your OnBuy items and have them booked for a delivery with a courier of your choice, all in a matter of minutes.

You can also integrate Smart Send with an unlimited amount of sales channels and your own website with a API key, so it's a great solution for managing all your parcel delivery from one place if you run your business across different websites and can track your parcel using our OnBuy tracking tool.

  • Choose from over 20 of the UK's most trusted and cheapest couriers offering a variety of courier services.
  • Ship in bulk and protect your items up to the value of £10,000 each.
  • Group items together for easier shipping to the UK and to over 200 different countries.

Get a quick quote to see how much you could save by shipping with Parcel2Go.


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