7 Ways Drop-shops Can Benefit Your Small Business

If you’re selling products through an e-commerce store, chances are that you’ve already got a good handle on your parcel delivery strategy.

Most small businesses will start off by taking their packages to their local Post Office or arranging a courier collection service from their home or offices. 

But, if you’re running an online business, there could be an even better and more cost-effective way to send a parcel.

Using a parcel drop-off service can have great benefits for your small business - especially if you only have a small number of parcels to send out.

So, what are the benefits of using a drop off shop?


1. It’s Convenient

Using a drop shop is the most flexible option when it comes to sending a parcel.

Not only will it give you loads of options when it comes to finding a location to send a parcel from, but the convenience of using a drop shop will also help you save time and make arranging your parcel delivery much easier to fit in around home and work life.



2. Will Help You Make Savings

Because you won’t be paying for a courier to come to your house and collect your parcel, using a drop off shop to send your parcels can end up saving you money.

You can get an individual quote, but our drop shop services start from just £2.04 exc VAT, compared to £2.59 exc VAT for collection services.



3. Helps You Manage a Busy Schedule

If you run an online business part-time around another job, using a drop shop to take care of your parcel delivery could make all the difference.

You won’t need to wait in for your courier to turn up and there are thousands of drop shops open on Saturday and Sunday too.



4. Plenty of Local Choices

With over 25,000 drop shop locations across the UK, you’ve got loads of options when it comes to sending a package. Drop Shops are usually located in convenient places such as petrol stations, local shops, supermarkets and even high street stores.

You may find that your local drop off location is closer than your local Post Office, or somewhere that fits in better to your day such as near the kid’s school or where you do your weekly shop.



5. Speed Up Your Deliveries 

Using a drop off shop can help you get your products into your customer’s hands quicker, which is great news for getting positive reviews and repeat business.

By dropping your parcels off at your local drop shop in the morning you could beat the expected delivery time of an economy parcel delivery service.




6. Track Your Parcel’s Progress

You’ll get all the usual benefits of using a tracked delivery service when you use a drop shop. 

Your parcel will be scanned when you hand it over and you’ll be able to track its progress all the way to its final destination.



7. It Can Help Boost Your Eco-Credentials

 If being green is important to you and your small business, using a drop off service could help you boost your eco-credentials.

The couriers will be able to cut down on their CO2 emissions by reducing their driving time, and you can make the most of the drop shops’ convenient locations by combining sending a parcel with another journey. 




Sounds good? Take a look at our drop off services in more detail including how to find your nearest drop shop!

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