FREE Parcel Shipping API

If yours is a product-selling business, then’s free API (Application Programming Interface) is for you. Our API allows you to sell from your website and link your sales order process directly to the power and reach of our website. In effect, you create your very own virtual distribution network.

Save Money

You can use our parcel shipping API for FREE. The only costs associated with booking your parcel deliveries via are the individual costs of the delivery services selected by your customers. In many cases there is actually a saving to be made by using our API. We use the UKs most reliable couriers, including FedEx, DHL, Parcelforce Worldwide and UPS, and we offer discounted rates on their services - savings which are passed straight on to you and your customers.

Save Time

Using our innovative API, you can revolutionize how you deal with your parcel delivery requirements. You get the full power and reach of’s parcel delivery website working seamlessly behind your website. We have a wide range of different parcel delivery solutions to cater for anybody with a product selling business. And your customers can track the progress of their own orders without your involvement, because we handle the process of emailing their parcel booking reference to them for you.

Don`t Miss Any Sales’s free API is ideal for online retailers who need to attract and retain customers by offering fast, reliable and cost-effective deliveries. Whether you have your own online shop, a mail-order business or you use eBay, we have a solution which will save you time and money on your parcel collections and deliveries. Through pioneering software developed by our in-house specialists, our unique technology leads the industry.

Open Up New Markets’s free API gives you the opportunity to open up your business to international markets. With our comprehensive global network of parcel delivery services, you can ship items to over 200 countries with minimum hassle.

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Sign up for a parcel2go account now to configure API authentication or view our documentation for integration help.


How many parcels can I send each day?
We do not impose any limits on the numbers of parcels you can send.

Can I send multiple items to the same address?
Yes, whatever is in your customer’s basket at checkout can be used to calculate parcel delivery.

Can I track the parcels?
Our online parcel tracking means you can check the progress of your consignments at every stage of transit. Even better, your customers can track the progress of their orders too.

Are there size and weight limits?
The courier companies we contract with have strict limits on size and weight. However,’s API will only offer you a delivery service if your customers parcel meets that carrier’s criteria.

Do you offer a returns service?’s free API can be used to provide a returns service for your customers. This saves you valuable time which can be spent selling more! And it means a hassle free returns system for your customers (no more queuing at the Post Office!)