Send Your Sold Items in eBay With QuickSend

Millions of people now use eBay UK every day to sell their single items to either clear their homes or make some extra money on the side. Selling on eBay is a great way to reach millions of active users from all across the world. 

However, if you’re looking to be successful on eBay, you’ll need the perfect shipping tool that reduces costs and increases efficiency. 

Our Quick Send tool allows you to save time on sending single items with eBay. It allows you to easily import and manage your sold items from your eBay account in under a minute. 



Why Use Quick Send?


Saves Time 

Quick Send allows you to save time on sending single items in under a minute. It will allow you to do the more important jobs such as packaging your parcels. 


Faster Sending

Stay ahead of your competition by being able to sell more items, more efficiently. 

Save Money 

Quick Send allows you to save money on parcel delivery. By knowing the exact parcel weight, our quick quote tool will be able to be as accurate as possible and will avoid any wastage. 


For the Casual Sender

If you only need to send a few parcels, Quick Send allows you to import your items more efficiently and for free.


How to Use Quick Send With eBay

When you’ve sold an item, you’ll need to choose an alternative delivery service when you list your items within eBay. Selecting this option allows you to show your customers the correct information when they order your items.


Step 1

When you are listing your items within eBay go to the ‘Delivery’ section.


Step 2

You will be given a recommendation for your listing. To amend this click on ‘Change’ in the top right.



Step 3

You will now be shown a pop-up where you can choose from numerous options. To give your customers a clear delivery rate go to the fourth tab which says ‘Large Parcel’.

Once this tab is selected scroll down to the bottom and choose ‘Other Courier (3 to 5 days)’.



Step 4

Once chosen you can now set your postage rate in the section to the right. Select ‘Buyer pays’ and enter the amount you want your customer to pay for postage.



Here is a sample of how your item will display the postage.



New Evri Small/Medium Postage 

We're now the UK's cheapest parcel delivery!

Sending items on eBay has just got easier. With Evri new small and medium postage options, you’ll be able to drop off your parcels with ease to over 5,000 locations across the UK.

Evri Small 

One of the most popular Evri services, send small items weighing up to 2kg at a fantastic price. Take your small parcel to your nearest drop-off location, once collected your item will be delivered within 2-3 working days. Full tracking will be available from the time of collection


Prices start from as little as £2.45 exc VAT


Evri Medium 

Send medium-sized items weighing up to 2kg at the lowest possible price. You will be able to drop your parcel off at any of the 5,000 locations around the UK. 

Once collected from the parcel shop, your parcels will be delivered to their destination within 2-3 working days. Full tracking will also be available from the time of collection.


Prices start from as little as £3.50 exc VAT.



If you are looking to make your parcel deliveries easier, Quick Send is the perfect tool to start. By using Quick Send, you’ll be able to save time and money on sending single items in under a minute.

See how much you could save with Parcel2Go by getting a quick quote today.


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