Listening to Customers Is The Key to Success

Listening to Customers the Secret to Bolton Company’s Success

The parcel comparison website, Parcel2Go, have just reached £100 million in revenue over a 12 month period for the first time. This feat represents an unprecedented milestone and continued growth for the Bolton company, whose annual revenue was just £15.9 million in 2010.

The company’s recent success can be attributed to strong growth in international parcel delivery, partly driven by UK businesses exploiting opportunities brought by the weak pound. Parcel2Go’s market position - providing the cheapest delivery rates to anyone sending domestically or internationally - has been particularly helpful to small and micro-businesses who have benefitted from the emergence of a lucrative export economy.

The company, founded by former ‘Secret Millionaire’, Fil Adams-Mercer, now employ over 230 staff in the local area, and in recent years have risen to become one of Bolton’s biggest employers. For the North West - where unemployment rates sit comfortably above the national average - Parcel2Go’s evolution and investment in the community from which they came echoes a positive message in uncertain times that expertise can be found and nurtured locally.


Continued Emphasis on Innovation

Managing Director, Adam Harris puts Parcel2Go’s success down to a long-standing commitment to listening to customers and providing desirable services at ultra-competitive prices.

“Our parcel rates are the cheapest in the industry and our domestic headline price of £1.99 ex VAT is over 17% cheaper than Royal Mail’s equivalent service.”

Mr Harris continued:

“We also make sure our technology is the best in the industry - allowing our customers to send and track their parcels as easy as possible. The launch of our new App for iOS and Android and our improved Smart Send tool, which saves time for anyone selling on marketplaces when sending their sold items, are great examples of this.”


Responding to the Market

These innovations, along with the launch of the company’s new ‘Next Day to the USA’ FedEx service for less than £20, have been introduced directly to meet ever-changing demands. As long as Parcel2Go keep listening to customers and responding to the market, there’s plenty of reason for them - and for Bolton - to be optimistic for what the future holds.

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