How to Improve Creativity in Your Business

Some business owners may well ask the question 'why is creative thinking important?'. However, a bit of creativity can help all kinds of businesses stay fresh and innovative, which will ultimately help keep your competitors on their toes.

If your teams are struggling to find out how to be creative, you can give them some creative support by creating an atmosphere where creativity can flourish. By adding a few creative activities into the working day, not only could you generate some great new ideas for your business, you may also find it boosts productivity as well as creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

Injecting a bit of creativity in business isn’t hard and, whilst every team will have those colleagues who find it harder to speak up in team meetings, these suggestions to boost creativity will help get the ideas flowing and help you demonstrate why creative thinking is important.


Make Space for Brainstorming

You never know when the next big idea for the business will come along.

To stimulate creative minds, give your teams access to a whiteboard in a prime office location so they can jot down ideas, suggestions, or even questions whenever inspiration strikes them. The great thing about this is that no one will feel pressured to come up with an idea and the relaxed approach will help everyone get involved.



Don’t Worry About How to Be Creative

Making people comfortable about sharing their suggestions is key to increasing creativity in business.

Particularly if your teams aren’t in creative jobs, showing them different ways of sharing their ideas will take the pressure off the fact that they might not think they have creative minds. Encouraging individuality and celebrating suggestions by publicly putting them into action will encourage more out-of-the-box thinking and lead to more and more great ideas as time goes on.



Celebrate Failure

This might sound counterintuitive, but celebrating failure is an important part of making your teams feel safe to come up with creative ideas. It’s hard to put an idea out there, and it’s inevitable that not all ideas will work or even be that brilliant.

Changing the way your business reacts to failure can be one of the biggest creative support you can give your teams.

By giving them the space to try out (and fail at) new approaches without punishment, they’ll be more inclined to use their creativity to come up with new ideas in the future.



Change the Scene

From transforming the office to make it more inspirational, to encouraging regular breaks outside, changing the scene during the working day is much better for generating creative breakthroughs.

There’s plenty of research to show that exercise can help people come up with better ideas, and taking a break from the desk to practice mindfulness and meditation can be a great creative aid too as well as increasing the sense of well-being in your workplace.



Buddy Up

It’s rare that innovation will happen without discussion and collaboration.

Creating a buddy system will take the pressure off colleagues who find it difficult to contribute to team meetings, whilst also giving them the opportunity to brainstorm and share inspiration with someone they trust and feel comfortable with.

It doesn’t have to be anything formal, but pitching ideas, sharing thoughts, and receiving feedback can really help with building confidence and the desire to keep thinking of better suggestions.



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