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Following the recent news of Despatch Bay ceasing trading, businesses are scrambling to find a reliable alternative to meet their shipping needs. We understand the urgency of keeping your business shipping as smooth as possible. That's where Smart Send comes in as the perfect solution.

Smart Send is not just another shipping tool - it’s the key to unlocking smooth and reliable delivery for your business. Whether you're just starting out in ecommerce or running a growing business, Smart Send has your shipping needs covered at the cheapest prices!


What Happened to Despatch Bay?




This week, Despatch Bay users were hit with an unexpected message.

“Unfortunately the company has ceased trading as of this morning and will therefore be unable to facilitate any future orders. All parcels processed last week are with the couriers and to be delivered. You will be contacted shortly by our appointed advisors. We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

This unfortunate announcement leaves businesses, relying on this parcel broker, in a state of panic and uncertainty. While the reasons for this sudden change are unclear, one thing is certain - using a reliable service for your ecommerce shipping is essential!

Find out how else Parcel2Go can support you to finding a Despatch Bay alternative without compromising on a quality parcel comparison service.


Stay up and Running With Smart Send




With our user-friendly platform and seamless integration with multiple parcel couriers, Smart Send is the perfect way to streamline your business shipping without breaking the bank.

Already trusted over 100,000 businesses for reliable parcel delivery across the UK, Smart Send makes sure Despatch Bay’s unfortunate closure doesn't derail your operations.

Switch to Smart Send today and enjoy faster, cheaper, and reliable parcel delivery.

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Why Switch to Smart Send?

Smart Send is the easiest way to save money and time for your business with stand out features such as:

  • Cheapest Shipping Rates in the UK - We can have your parcels delivered from as little as £2.15 exc VAT - the lowest in the UK!
  • Fast Order Management - Smart Send is perfect for organising large amounts of orders across multiple marketplaces - all from one dashboard.
  • Various Marketplace Integration - Manage parcel delivery across multiple sales channels, such as eBay, Amazon and more.
  • Rule Implementation - Automate your shipping to save you some more time with our easy shipping rules.
  • Range of Delivery Services - Send parcels with the largest couriers across the UK including Royal Mail, FedEx and DPD.
  • 24/7 Customer Service - If you need any help getting the most out of Smart Send, our team is here to help with any question you might have.

You get all of this for FREE - all you need to do is make a Parcel2Go account!


How to Integrate with Smart Send

Switching to Smart Send is easy.

If you’re selling on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy, you simply need to link your Parcel2Go account with your chosen marketplace. This only takes a few minutes and allows you to keep your business shipping as smooth as possible.

You can also upload a Spreadsheet file by mapping your columns to the information we need. This is perfect if you want to migrate a large number of shipping orders from Despatch Bay or if you prefer managing your shipping data in a spreadsheet format for easier organisation and bulk processing!

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