Regular Parcel Sender

Regular Parcel Sender

Regular Parcel Sender

1. Getting Started...

Sign In or Create a FREE Account if you don’t already have one.

Click Smart Send in the main menu, then select Go to Smart Send.

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2. Setting Up Smart Send...

To manage your E-commerce deliveries with Smart Send simply link your preferred selling channels.

Smart Send lets you go from sold to a label in less than 30 seconds - All your item details and delivery addresses will then be automatically imported into Smart Send from your linked channels, including eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

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3. Manage Your Orders...

Use our Rule Manager tool to set rules for your orders and edit hundreds of items at a time. Group them or split them for faster order management. You can learn more about our ‘Rule Manager’ here.

Automatically mark your items as dispatched once you’ve booked your deliveries. You can even automatically top-up funds and pay for all your orders by using ‘Auto-PrePay’.

For support queries our ‘Customer Service’ team is on hand 24-7 and happy to help.

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4. Preparing your Orders...

Make sure you use suitable packaging - then print and apply your labels if required.

If you’ve booked a collection service, please ensure your parcels are ready for collection from your home or office on the scheduled date.

If you’ve booked a drop-off service, simply take your parcels to a drop-off point when ready.

5. Tracking your Orders...

Once your parcels have been collected or dropped off, the carrier will take care of the rest.

You can use your Parcel2Go tracking number to track your shipments in real-time from collection to delivery.

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