About GLS

GLS are well–known for their quality of delivery and excellent customer service team, both of which help to make this parcel delivery company one of the best for shipping. Whether you would like to send a parcel within the republic, to the UK or further afield, GLS Ireland can help.

GLS are often referred to as the ‘European Leader in Quality’, and this is because you can trust them to handle your parcel deliveries in a fast and proficient manner. Boasting over 220,000 customers and having years of experience, the company is able to offer you both express and standard parcel delivery to get your packages where they’re going in no time at all.

GLS are a part of General Logistics Systems B.V., Amsterdam (GLS) and the Royal Mail, so some of the best methods of parcel delivery will be at your service when you choose to use them. GLS couriers can deliver to 42 European countries and are also able to deliver to many other countries around the world, so practically no address is out of reach.

This parcel delivery company always put their customers first, focusing on customer service in order to get your parcels delivered on time, in good condition and without any complaints from either side. Every employee at GLS follows a strict code of conduct and quality control testing is carried out during every delivery to ensure the highest standards are being met.

When using GLS Ireland’s parcel delivery services, you can choose the option that best suits you. For instance, when delivering to locations within Ireland you can pick from Business Parcel and Express Parcel. For international deliveries, GLS has their Euro Business Parcel and Euro Business Small Parcel services.

Alongside all of this, you can also choose a number of optional parcel features, such as pick and return (for those having parcels delivered to them), pick and ship (when sending parcels), cash (which enables your customers to pay for delivery with cash once their parcel arrives) and exchange (ideal for those that need a second delivery to replace a customer’s faulty item).

GLS tracking ensures peace of mind; you will be issued a GLS tracking number, so you can be certain that your parcel can be monitored and taken care of from the moment it’s collected from your door to the time it arrives at its final destination.


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