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Landmark Collection from: £9.99 exc VAT

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Reliable international/
worldwide deliveries

Delivery in 5-8 days

For parcels weighing up to 15 kg

Service Overview

Landmark Collection is a fantastic international courier service that affords customers the easy experience of a courier collection service while sending to locations all around the world. And the best part? It’s all at a market-leading price.

Landmark brings a unique multi-courier solution to UK customers that allows you to send parcels around the world, starting from as little as £6.13 exc VAT.

For customers, dispatching your parcels is as simple as it’s ever been. Just book your courier service online at, attach your labels to the parcel, and hand them over to the driver when they come to collect them. Simple.

The delivery process itself is carried out by Hermes, Landmark, and a localised courier service relevant to your chosen destination. They’re often nationalised postal services, including reputable names like Canada Post and the United States Postal Service.

Hermes collect your parcel from your designation point of collection and take it to Landmark, who then sort it to be delivered to your chosen country. Once there, your parcels will go through customs before being passed on to the local courier service for the final stretch of the delivery.

You can keep tabs on where your Landmark Collection delivery is up to by using our parcel tracking tool.

Landmark do not allow any food items to be shipped on its services. Any parcel shipped that contains food will be destroyed.

This service is not guaranteed. Explore parcel collection and delivery from more couriers.

Shipments sent to the UAE & Saudi Arabia will have a 5% surcharge of the value of the commodities shipped added during the booking process, regardless of the purpose of shipment.
Please note - parcels being delivered to Finland, Denmark, Norway or Sweden will be delivered to the recipient’s closest Parcel shop. You will be notified by the courier with regards to the postal office that you will need to collect your parcel from, this will usually be the recipients local postal office.

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  • Collection service
  • Delivery in 5-8 days
  • Parcel Protection up to the value of £10,000
  • Full tracking available

Prohibited Items

Please note: Before booking a parcel, please ensure that the items you’re sending are not on your courier’s prohibited items list. You can check the list here. Please note that any person sending such an item may be subject to their order being cancelled without notice.

Parcel Restrictions

  • Maximum parcel weight: 15 kg
  • Maximum parcel length: 1.2 m