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Sending parcels to Guinea-Bissau is straightforward and cost-effective with Parcel2Go. We work closely with leading couriers, ensuring timely and secure deliveries to cities from Bissau to Bafatá and beyond.

To get a better idea of costs and delivery timeframes, simply put your parcel's details into our quote tool. And remember, while Guinea-Bissau has its customs rules and regulations, we're here to guide you every step of the way. 

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Shipping to Guinea-Bissau

When considering shipping to Guinea-Bissau from Ireland, it's essential to be aware of the shipping landscape of the country. Each region in Guinea-Bissau has its own delivery challenges and advantages.

It's important to choose a courier service experienced in handling the intricacies of Guinea-Bissauan logistics, ensuring timely deliveries across its varied terrains and addressing systems. Stay informed about regional holidays and potential transit times to ensure your parcels arrive on time.

Customs in Guinea-Bissau

Every international shipment entering Guinea-Bissau is subject to customs inspection and applicable duties. Parcel2Go will be handling all the necessary customs documentation and processes to ensure your parcel gets delivered with no issues.

Guinea-Bissau has a detailed list of items that are restricted, taxed, or prohibited. It's essential to ensure that your parcel's contents comply with these regulations to avoid any delays or confiscations. Common items that may face restrictions include electronics, alcohol, and certain publications, but you can find a full list of items you can’t send to Guinea-Bissau in our prohibited items list.

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