Courier services to Chad from Ireland

Looking for an easy and affordable way to send parcels to Chad? With Parcel2Go and our courier partners like DPD, FedEx, and UPS, your parcels will get to Chad safely and quickly. Explore our complete international shipping services to see more options.

Shipping to Chad

When shipping items to Chad from Ireland, it's crucial to pick a reliable shipping service. With Parcel2Go, you gain the advantage of our network, which includes top couriers familiar with routes to Africa. Chad's infrastructure might differ from what you're used to, so understanding local delivery nuances helps. It's also useful to be aware of the local climate, which can impact delivery times, and to plan your shipment accordingly.

Customs in Chad

Navigating Chad's customs regulation can be a bit challenging for newcomers. Every parcel entering Chad undergoes a customs check, and there are specific guidelines on what can and cannot enter the country. When you book with Parcel2Go, we complete all the required customs paperwork to streamline the process. Chad has its list of prohibited and restricted items, including certain agricultural products and electronics. It's always a smart move to review Chad's customs regulations and ensure your parcel complies. Proper documentation and adherence to rules can prevent unexpected delays or additional fees.

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