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If you want to tick with businesses in Waltham, America’s one-time watch capital, you need a fast, efficient parcel delivery and courier service – and you get just that from Parcel2Go! Close links with the cotton industry on which Lancashire’s industrial might was founded led Waltham, Massachusetts to become the American equivalent.
Son of Waltham Francis Cabot Lowell studied the workings of the power loom while visiting Lancashire in 1810, and secretly devised plans for his own similar machine, which he put into action on his return home two years later.
He then established the Boston Manufacturing Company, and helped change the face of the New England economy by changing its focus from agriculture to industry. The city was a model for 19th century town planning, where, in common with the English towns at the heart of the industrial revolution, residents were provided with all the facilities they needed to allow them to live close to where they worked.
Just a couple of decades after the town became known for its textile manufacturing, the Waltham Watch Company was established. It remained at the heart of the town until it closed in 1957, producing more than 40 million watches in its 103-year history.
Today, the focus of Waltham’s economy has shifted again, from the industries which dominated the 20th century to research and higher education. It now boasts two universities, Brandeis and Bentley. Its population is close to 60,000.
Waltham has been named in the top one per cent of the most walkable cities in America in recognition of its parks, shops and public transport network.
Parcel2Go makes sending a parcel to Waltham quick and easy. You can check parcel prices, and speak to a member of our Live Help team to get the answer to any question you may have about your delivery.
It will be collected from your home or business address during regular working hours, and you can check the progress of its journey online, so that you can keep its recipient updated on its progress, so enhancing the service you give to your customers.
It is even possible to request a signature for your parcel to confirm its safe arrival, which can then be emailed to you so that you have a record that proves it has been received. Parcel2Go can also supply any packaging materials, tape or labels your parcel needs to help protect it on its journey, and to help guard against its loss or damage.

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