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Send a parcel to Valencia with the help of Parcel2Go, and say ‘adios’ to any worries about it not getting safely to its destination.
Valencia is a planned community – or what is called in the UK a new town – that was devised and created by the Newhall Land and Farming Company, which is now a subsidiary of America’s second largest housebuilder.
Not shy about its qualities, it has unofficially branded itself ‘Awesometown’ to stress its history as a planned community. It has an enviable network of footpaths, which are built to avoid level-grade crossings with major roads, and maintained with the help of a special tax levied on residents.
Valencia has been ranked one of America’s top 100 places to live by Money magazine, and its pleasant environment and proximity to California’s most desirable areas saw its population reach nearly 48,500 by 2008.
This has spawned the rapid growth of high-tech businesses in the region, with the Valencia Gateway, the area bordering the town, being the base for nearly 1,500 companies, which employ 45,000 people. It is the largest and fastest-growing centre for business in Los Angeles County.
If you have a business which wants to ride on the coat-tails of this success, or have family or friends who have made their home in this prosperous area, keeping in touch with them is easy with the help of Parcel2Go.
We bring together the huge resources of the world’s best-known courier and express delivery companies – including FedEx, UPS and TNT – and put them to work for you.
In order to make your mark on businesses operating in Valencia, your company needs to be ‘awesome’ in what it does – and that’s just what Parcel2Go aims to be.
We offer a range of parcel delivery and express courier options to match with your business’s needs. Working closely alongside big-name worldwide couriers such as FedEx, UPS and TNT, we can put their massive resources at your disposal so that your business can compete at the highest level – and win the confidence of clients of all sizes.
Our Live Help team of experienced logistics experts can answer any question you have about your parcel delivery needs, and are here to guide you through the process, from collection from your home or business at a time to suit you, to arrival at its destination – complete with a confirmation signature sent directly to your email inbox, if required.
For express delivery to Valencia, make Parcel2Go your first stop and we’ll go the extra mile to keep your customer happy.

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