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Las Vegas bills itself as the entertainment capital of the world and it's a viewpoint that's difficult to argue with. The biggest city in the state of Nevada is a global phenomenon, shorthand for glitz, glamour, big-name entertainment and, of course, 24-hour, 365 days a year gambling. However, you don't want to take a punt on your parcels to Las Vegas getting there - you want to make it a sure thing, and Parcel2Go can make that happen.
Your average all-American postal worker is, we're sure, a stand-up guy. But trusting a parcel to Las Vegas to the US postal service isn't something we like the odds of. Better by far to take the smooth-running, tried and tested route and opt for a courier instead. It virtually eliminates all the risks and gives you perfect peace of mind knowing that your parcel is in safe hands.
The biggest names in the business are FedEx and TNT - so, naturally, they're the ones we've taken the time and trouble to develop the closest ties with. Your courier to Las Vegas comes with all the reassurance that global brand brings, and all the support and infrastructure you could ask for. What's more, to save you the trouble of wading through what can be a minefield of different rates and confusing technical lingo, we make pricing and despatch as simple as it can be.What you might like to know in advance is that our prices are as pared to the bone as we can make them, competitive down to the last penny. They're often less, in fact, than the courier companies themselves can come up with, and you don't get better value than that.
So you get the best price for a parcel delivery to Las Vegas with the least possible effort. Sounds like a good deal to us.
Why choose Parcel2Go to send a parcel to Las Vegas?
• Who's the largest online parcel delivery business in the UK? We are
• The discounts we offer are substantial - better than going direct
• Arranging everything just couldn't be simpler
• Middle of the morning, the afternoon or night - because we're online, we're here whenever you want us

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