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Cleveland, Ohio - known to its half-million or so residents as The Garden City - was built on manufacturing, but today relies on the sober, steady businesses of insurance, financial and legal services and healthcare. An unlikely setting, you might think, for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but that's America for you. Want to send parcels to Cleveland? Look no further than Parcel2Go.
We heartily recommend a courier to get your precious parcel to Cleveland - the quickest, most secure method by a long way. We're not knocking the proud post men and women of the US of A, but we think a fast, reliable delivery system is asking too much in a country with a population count as colossal as theirs. Stay away from strikes, delay and unforeseen problems -stick with the big-names.
They include TNT and FedEx, two companies with which we have built up excellent working relationships. In the old days, you'd have has to spend quite a while calling or surfing the net to work your way through what can be a minefield of specialist service names and confusing terms and conditions to get the type of courier to Cleveland that you were looking for. But, thanks to our solid business links, we can give you all that info within a couple of clicks.
That includes the prices which, you'll be delighted to learn, are heavily discounted and can often beat the costs provided if you go to the courier companies direct. We pride ourselves on making your parcel delivery to Cleveland the best value it can possibly be. And that relieves you of the hassle of doing price comparisons too.
Finally, actually arranging the despatch is as simple as we can possibly make it. But having said that, there are a couple of things we have to leave in your capable hands - wrapping and addressing.
Please, please take every precaution when you send a parcel to Cleveland, thousands and thousands of miles away. Wrap it carefully. Add padding and protections where they're needed. Write the address in really big, really clear letters, and never, ever forget the zipcode. Result: prompt delivery - and happiness all round.
Why send a parcel to Cleveland with Parcel2Go?
• A big company is the best company - and online in the UK, that's us
• With our discounts, we turn a costly exercise into a highly competitive one
• Simplicity: we make it a fundamental part of the whole process
• We don't believe in office hours - bring online means we're ready when you are

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