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There are many UK residents that move to Amsterdam either for a few months or permanently as their job moves to mainland Europe. Amsterdam is also a destination a lot of UK businesses may be considering as a doorway into Europe or just the Netherlands.
For this reason many people may need to send a parcel to Amsterdam, for business or for personal use such as sending home comforts or birthday presents to family members or friends living abroad. These situations require a secure method of sending a parcel or business document and here at Parcel2Go we have the right service for you.
With a range of approved and experienced parcel couriers available on our website including companies like FedEx, TNT and UPS all of which have excellent service times and standards to ensure your parcel arrives safely and on time. There are plenty of people who may have concerns about sending a parcel over delayed parcels and parcels lost in the mail.
With all providers on Parcel2Go there are unique tracking codes provided so you can actively trace your parcel to wherever it is in the world at any point in time. The couriers also provide electronic proof of delivery to show you that your intended recipient received the parcel on time.
Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe for tourists looking for a cultural holiday with many art museums as well as wonderful architecture making it one of the most popular cities in Europe.
If you have any questions about parcel delivery to Amsterdam whether it is which courier and service to use or how to properly package your item for shipping then ask our dedicated customer care team to help you get the answers you’re looking for.

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