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We say Lyons, but in France they say Lyon (and they should know), a city in the Rhône-Alpes region between Paris and Marseilles. The lucky 470,000 or so people who live here can claim to be at the centre of French gastronomy, and those who aren't smacking their lips at the thought of the next meal can celebrate the city's position as a major business centre instead. Another claim to fame: the Lumière brothers, joint fathers of cinema (having invented it in 1895), called Lyon home. Today's Lyonnais can thank Roman Lucius Munatius Plancus, one of Julius Caesar's lieutenants, for founding their city - although it was called Lugdunum way back then.
Sending parcels to Lyon couldn't be easier: all you need is the right address and the steadfast attention of Parcel2Go to make your life much, much easier. If you take our advice (which isn't a bad idea, given that we're the UK's biggest online parcel delivery company) you'll get excellent service if you use the French equivalent of our posties, La Poste. But if you'd rather send a courier to Lyon - and who are we to argue? - we'll arrange that for you in a jiffy.
When we say the right address, we can't emphasise that enough. The right name is an absolute must, of course, but almost as important is the French five-digit postal code. This jumble of numbers becomes clearer once you know that the first two stand for the département while the last three represent the commune - unless, that is, you're sending a parcel to Lyon, Paris or Marseilles, in which case the last two numbers stand for the arrondissement.
One last thing that your parcel delivery relies on for a successful conclusion is your wrapping skills. Pad where you need to pad, stiffen where you need to stiffen, cushion where... well, you get the picture.
Wrap securely, but don't get too generous with the sticky tape in case customs want to take a peek. Speaking of which, there are restrictions on what can and can't be posted when you send a parcel to Lyon, or anywhere else in France, so if you're unsure, always check.

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