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Make capital out of the chance to do business in Austria’s number one city by using the fast and great-value Vienna parcel delivery services available through Parcel2Go.
More than a quarter of Austrians live in the country’s capital, with the population, of 1.68million, having risen by eight per cent since the last census was carried out, in 2001.
There is little wonder that Vienna’s population has been booming, as it has been voted the city with the best quality of life in the world. The poll, by the Economist magazine, ranked it alongside Vancouver, and ahead of 125 other leading cities across the globe.
This is a major reason why it has been chosen as the worldwide headquarters for a large number of United Nations bodies and other international institutions. Among those based here are the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and several UN-affiliated groups, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.
The city’s university is one of the most prestigious on the continent, attracting students from around the world. Visitors also flock here from far and wide, the city’s glorious architecture and cultural importance making it a magnet for tourism, and in turn leading to tourism being the most important sector of the city’s economy.
When you need to send a parcel to Vienna, whether it is for business reasons, or to keep in touch with someone based here, you will be grateful for the services of a reliable and good-value Vienna parcel delivery service.
Here at Parcel2Go, we pride ourselves on offering world-class service to world-class destinations such as Vienna. In order to be able to do so, we have teamed up with the biggest names in parcel delivery, and use the likes of FedEx, TNT and UPS to quickly and cost-effectively move thousands of parcels across the world, every day.
Arranging for a courier service to Vienna to handle all your most important consignments through us can work out cheaper than going direct, because we have negotiated excellent parcel prices on the strength of the volume of business which we generate for the leading players in the market.
So when you want to work in harmony with your customers, wherever they are, let Parcel2Go handle your express delivery needs. Now that’s an invitation which should be music to your ears!

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