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  • When you are dealing with a country which is largely English-speaking, it can become tough to make your business stand out from the rest. Here at Parcel2Go, we give you the competitive edge that might just make the difference.
  • With our range of express delivery services to Canada, we make it easy to find the right one to suit your individual needs, and which will ensure that your business is shown in the best possible light.
  • As the world’s second largest country, Canada’s terrain and weather conditions vary wildly, and there are many different challenges which face companies looking to make themselves known there with the help of dependable international shipping services.
  • It is tempting for businesses to look upon Canada as a huge potential market, but with Canadians recognised by independent experts as having among the greatest economic freedom in the world, competition for business is always tough.
  • That is why it is wise to investigate the possibilities available for Canada delivery services before plunging into the export market. However, it is possible to do a good deal of research online and to get some idea of the services available and their likely cost.
  • In comparison with the rest of the world’s most developed countries, primary industries – such as oil, gas, coal and agriculture – provide a greater proportion of Canada’s wealth. Its massive energy reserves, including the world’s second-highest oil stocks behind Saudi Arabia, help make it one of the few countries which can produce more energy than it needs for its own use.
  • Exploiting these resources has created huge demand in itself, and there is always a need from the energy sector for the best technology available. So if your company operates in this sector, teaming up with an expert in worldwide shipping will give you a great start.
  • And of course, you may have family and friends who would appreciate the ease and speed of sending a parcel to Canada to help you keep in touch, and remind them of home.
  • Parcel2Go arranges for thousands of parcels every day to be sent to destinations right across Canada, and only works with the most proven and reliable Canada courier companies, including the likes of FedEx and UPS. Having worked alongside these companies for many years, we have been able to negotiate excellent parcel prices which you will find hard to beat.
  • Sending a parcel to Canada is easy when you know how, and with our online order form, and prompt collection facilities available at a time and place to suit you, we say you can do Canada with no hassle through Parcel2Go.
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