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Pricing and Pre-Booking

  1. How do I get a quote?

    Prices are calculated using the weight, dimensions and collection and delivery locations of your ... (read more)

  2. What can I send?

  3. Will there be any Parcel Protection applied to my order?

    Parcel Protection is added during the booking process. We have introduced a two-tierprotection... (read more)

  4. What do I get if I add Delivery Guarantee to my order?

    Delivery Guarantee is one of four available delivery add-ons. (Delivery Guarantee, Signature, Tex... (read more)

  5. Questions about Hermes Small and Medium

    Got a question about the Hermes Small and Medium 2 kg services? Find out about dimensions, prices... (read more)

  6. What happens if my parcel is bigger/heavier than declared?

    If your parcel is bigger or weighs more than declared,the courier may issue an additional charge.... (read more)

  7. What are the size restrictions of the services?

    Each service that we offer has its own size restrictions based on the weight and dimensions of th... (read more)

  8. I do not know the weight and dimensions of my parcel. What should I enter?

    It's important you declare your parcel as accurately as possible If you under-declare your pa... (read more)

  9. Which payment methods can I use with

    At checkout, will offer a number of ways in which you can pay. Available pay... (read more)

  10. What is signature tracking?

    Signature tracking is an optional service you can add to a delivery that ensures your parcel must... (read more)

  11. Why doesn't the order process accept my postcode?

    Our order process is made to be as simple and easy as possible however complications can occur wi... (read more)

  12. Why am I being offered a Highlands and Islands service?

    When users enter an address that is outside of the scope of our standard UK services, we offer sp... (read more)